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Animation shows insane amount of private jets departing Las Vegas after Super Bowl

Animation shows insane amount of private jets departing Las Vegas after Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was inundated with the most famous people on the planet - along with their private jets.

The Super Bowl sometimes feels like it has the greatest concentration of celebrities ever, but did you ever wonder how they all get home from it?

Well, a neat animation posted to Reddit this week goes some way to potentially answering that question. It's on the forum r/Damnthatsinteresting, and suggests it shows a timelapse of more than 500 private jets leaving Las Vegas after the Super Bowl.

The game was a thriller, ending in overtime and seeing the Kansas City Chiefs overcome the San Francisco 49ers in dramatic fashion, so it kept plenty of viewers up into the late hours.

After the Super Bowl, floods of people left Las Vegas and you can 525 private jets apparently flying out in the tracker timelapse posted on Reddit.

It's a mesmerizing watch, and when it ends after nearly 40 seconds the exodus is still ongoing. The video starts at 04:00 UTC and ends at 10:15, so it shows around six hours' worth of departures.

You can see loads of the jets immediately go down to Los Angeles, which makes sense given how many celebrities and super-wealthy people live there, but there are others that set off in a variety of directions.

Private jet usage was very much in the spotlight for this Super Bowl even before this video, too. This was because Taylor Swift, who is famously dating Chiefs player Travis Kelce, flew back from Tokyo on a very short turnaround in order to be at the game.

Lauren Leigh Bacho / Contributor / Getty

Anyhow, the comments under the Reddit post were full of people who can't believe the scale of flights in the animation, with the top comment (at over 12.5 thousand upvotes) sarcastically observing: "It’s okay, I gave up plastic straws."

The impact of air travel on the environment is clear, after all, so it's fair to point out that this situation is really not ideal.

Another popular comment echoed another common complaint about the event, which is that it's unaffordable for normal people: "Super Bowl is a playground for the ultra-wealthy."

Still, even if the data is a little depressing, the way it's presented in this animation is fascinating and really clear, making it well worth checking out.

Featured Image Credit: midas617/Reddit / RaptTV/ Getty