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Man took the cheapest flight every day for a week and ended up in some unexpected locations

Man took the cheapest flight every day for a week and ended up in some unexpected locations

Budget airlines can take you pretty much anywhere for a steal nowadays.

If you've ever looked up at a busy departures board and wondered where you could go without breaking the bank, you're going to want to see this.

YouTuber Ed Chapman spent a week in December seeing where he could go each and every day by hopping on the cheapest flight available.

The first in his series of five videos features his arrival in destination number one - Lanzarote.

He flew from Leeds to Lanzarote for a paltry £48, which ended up being around about the average price as he jumped from location to location.

From there, he took a £63 flight to Leon in Spain, before then taking his joint-cheapest flight, £41 to Venice.

Venice was followed by a £52 journey to Paris, which led him to Dublin for £41, before closing his loop and finishing the lengthy round trip by heading home.

In each location Chapman disembarked with a mission to do some solid sightseeing, and managed to do a pretty good job.

From climbing the Eiffel Tower to taking a ride on a gondola in Venice, he hit some major highlights and demonstrated nicely that low air fares mean we could all get out and see some interesting spots without having to spend all our savings.

Ed Chapman/YouTube

Of course, that's a lot of air travel in a week, and there were also some downsides - not least one flight that had some major turbulence to endure. Plus, with budget airfares come budget airlines, and Chapman didn't exactly experience the joys of business class travel.

He also had some issues with terrible weather, which cut short his time in Paris in particular - something that is a common problem for holidaying in Europe in December, as he admitted.

Still, the comments under his multi-video series are really encouraging, as people enjoyed his frank and honest assessments of each destination. One comment said: "Loving these travel vlogs, you’re like an anti-influencer - they’d make this into the most amazing thing and say bs but you’re just honest."

After all, in an era when viral videos show off the most expensive plane tickets in the world all the time, there's something pretty refreshing about showcasing the opposite end of the spectrum, the sorts of flights that normal people might actually get.

Featured Image Credit: Ed Chapman/YouTube