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Man who went to view the Tesla Cybertruck in person says it's surprisingly different up close

Man who went to view the Tesla Cybertruck in person says it's surprisingly different up close

The Cybertruck design has certainly divided opinion.

There's a huge amount of buzz around Tesla's newest creation, the Cybertruck. But what does it actually look like in person?

That's what Tesla fanatics are keen to know - including Business Insider journalist, Alistair Barr, who went to find out for himself.

Barr, a self-proclaimed car enthusiast, visited the Tesla showroom to get a first-hand look at the sci-fi-looking vehicle - and he said it looked 'surprisingly different up close'.

The Cybertruck is known for its futuristic design.
FREDERIC J. BROWN / Contributor / Getty

In the piece, he joked that his wife of more than 20 years had threatened to divorce him if ever bought the pickup - and it seems that could be put to the test after his reaction to seeing it.

Barr managed to get a 360 view of the vehicle at the Santana Row showroom in San Jose, California. It was cordoned off with a barrier to prevent people from touching it, but you could still get close enough to check out the Cybertruck's angular features.

The design is like Marmite - people either love it or hate. A Tesla salesperson told Barr: "50% of the people who come in hate it, and 50% love it. There's nothing in between."

Barr took his 17-year-old daughter to visit the showroom with him, but it’s fair to say she didn't buy into the hype

"It's just so massive," she said, thinking it looked too big to park.

But Barr seems to think the Cybertruck looks even better in person.

"I didn't think the rear looked too large, and it was slightly lower than I expected," he wrote - and he was obviously swept away by the futuristic design.

The Cybertruck is said to be 'faster than a sports car'.

“Up close, the angular steel panels created incredible design flourishes," he noted.

The only quibble he had with was the rear door, which was slightly out of line from the body panel.

While he was impressed with the vehicle, he also mentioned the price point.

The cheapest model, Tesla’s rear-wheel-drive version, starts at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200), but the range of models on offer is low, leaving some customers dissatisfied.

For context, there are three models of the Cybertruck: Tesla said a rear-wheel-drive version would start at an estimated $60,990 (£48,200), and the high-end 'Cyberbeast' might set you back around $99,990 (£79,000).

Compare that to the price of a Tesla car - which already tend to be more expensive than many other brands on the marke, with a standard Model 3 car setting you back at $35,000 (£39,990).

And compare the Cybertruck's prices with what Tesla said in 2019 - that the base model would start at $39,900 (£31,500), while the tri-motor, long-range model would be $69,900 (£55,200).

Despite some of the setbacks and the very divisive opinion on the car’s look, it certainly hasn’t put off Barr - who is still tempted to buy it.

He wrote: “Overall, I came away wanting a Cybertruck more than ever. Now I just have to convince my wife.”

We just hope he doesn’t jeopardize his marriage.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Allen J. Schaben / Contributor / NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty