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Parking lot feature branded so ‘genius’ it should be introduced everywhere

Parking lot feature branded so ‘genius’ it should be introduced everywhere

This simple but effective feature would make parking a whole lot easier.

We've all been there - you're cruising around a busy parking lot trying to find a space that will work for your car.

Suddenly, you see it: an open spot. But, wait, the cars on either side have parked so close to the lines that if you did pull in, you'd never be able to open your door and get out.

It's a common enough nightmare, but a parking lot in an obscure location in Australia is going viral for its simple and innovative solution to this problem.

Facebook/Shane Smith

The lot, at the Glebe Hill shopping centre in Tasmania (a large island off of Australia's south coast), instead of using just a simple white line between each space, carves them out using rectangular boxes.

This means that instead of a divider between spaces that only spans a few centimeters, there's more like a foot or two between the two, something that has a whole heap of benefits.

It means anyone who parks in one of these spaces is pretty much guaranteed to be able to at least crack their door open and get out.

There's also another angle - when you open a door right next to another car there's always a risk that you hit it and accidentally leave a little dent behind. That can be a really expensive mistake or a pain if it happens to you, but these boxes would make that less likely.

Finally, it also makes the actual process of pulling in and out easier, with more room to reposition your car and make turns. While plenty of us might have parking assist modes in our Teslas or other modern motors, few people would turn down the chance at easier parking in a lot.

Facebook/Shane Smith

Of course, one other outcome is that there are slightly fewer overall spaces in the lot, but most people would probably agree that it's a trade-off worth making.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, photos of the parking lot posted on the Tasmania Parking Fails Facebook page are attracting pretty rave reviews, with commenters calling it "genius" and locals labeling the parking lot an "absolutely elite parking experience".

Whether that means it'll actually start to spread and become more of a common sight is anyone's guess.

After all, the US has almost countless parking lots, and anything that improves the experience of actually using them could be a great import from Australia - right up there with Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/TasmaniaParkingFails