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Dealership lets people smash Cybertruck with baseball bat and the result is not what people expected

Dealership lets people smash Cybertruck with baseball bat and the result is not what people expected

The bat proved no match for the Cybertruck's exterior.

The Cybertruck has had its fair share of action and chaos.

A few Tesla owners have had their vehicle targeted by vandals, but the Cybertruck's tough exterior proved to be nearly insusceptible to damage.

Another unfortunate driver was in a car crash, but found his Tesla virtually unscathed.

Tesla's futuristic vehicle is known for its tank-like steel exterior designed to withstand beatings, crashes and even gunshots,

In the 2019 official reveal of the Cybertruck, Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen took a sledgehammer to the Cybertruck prototype.

Vegas Auto Gallery
Vegas Auto Gallery

A single swing did zero damage to the car.

However, the following attempt involved launching a steel ball at the windows which ended in some extensive damage, much to Elon Musk's surprise.

Yet, Musk remains confident in the vehicle's durability in all scenarios.

Now that the Cybertruck is in the hands of customers, its toughness is even more evident.

The video posted on the official page of the Vegas Auto Gallery shows people taking an aluminium baseball bat to a Cybertruck.

Captioned 'Testing Cybertruck durability with a baseball bat!', the bat proved no match for its stainless steel.

After multiple hard swings to the car’s body, there appears to be no clear damage or even a dent.

Even when the bat is handed over to another person for further attempts, it ends up bending under the pressure of the Cybertruck's steel.

The Tesla CEO himself shared the clip with the response: 'Cybertruck is built bullet-tough.'

Vegas Auto Gallery
Vegas Auto Gallery

X and Instagram users posted their shock at the state of the bat.

One comment read: 'A futile attempt to challenge the Cybertrucks durability. It seems even a baseball bat couldnt make a dent in that armored beast. Quite a spectacle of engineering resilience.'

Another user wrote: 'Bending a bat is wild.'

Whilst an X user said: 'Looks like the Cybertruck is tougher than we thought! That bat didn't stand a chance.'

Others were hoping to see some impact on the windows as they have been dubbed as 'bulletproof' and others commented that the exterior's real threat is rainy weather and rust.

Featured Image Credit: Vegas Auto Gallery