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Netflix responds after thousands of users struggle to connect across US and UK

Netflix responds after thousands of users struggle to connect across US and UK

The streaming giant experienced 'technical difficulties' on Monday.

If you were trying to relax in front of your favorite show yesterday, you might have been in for a rude surprise.

Netflix was down for thousands of users across the US and UK on Monday, meaning some people weren't able to continue bingeing The Diplomat or find out who the winner of Squid Game: The Challenge was.

According to outage tracking website, reports of outages in the UK peaked at 19,125 yesterday, with 20,544 reports in the US.

Some users weren't able to stream Netflix on Monday.
SOPA Images / Contributor / Getty

As you can probably imagine, people dealt with the outage very sensibly and maturely.

"Netflix got me moving my goddamn router, rearranging my furniture only to find out on twitter that it’s down," one person moaned on Twitter, while another was just as upset: "Pls Netlfix work again I didn’t finish my episode I want to know the end."

Everyone seemed to be going through different stages of grief - with many settling on anger.

"As if Netflix is trying to gaslight me into thinking I have bad WiFi," one Twitter user asked - and many others were in a similar situation: "Not Netflix being down and trying to gaslight me into thinking it’s MY WIFI PROBLEM."

While it wasn't the best of Monday nights for many, the outage didn't last too long.

The Netflix status page now boasts a cheery green checkmark and the words: "Netflix is up! We are not currently experiencing an interruption to our streaming service."

We're not entirely sure what caused this outage, and why it only affected some users - in a fairly ambiguous statement, Netflix told Reuters it had solved the "technical issues" that had briefly plagued the service.

The outage comes as Netflix has announced its next foray into live sport.

The streaming giant revealed that it would be hosting a highly-anticipated match-up between decorated tennis player Rafael Nadal and up-and-comer Carlos Alcaraz, who won Wimbledon this year.

The match is catchily called The Netflix Slam and will air on March 3 next year, from the Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

And if Nadal and Alcaraz weren't already enough of a draw, Netflix will reportedly add more matches in the build-up to the event.

It's not the first time the streamer has dipped its toe into live sport - last month it hosted the Netflix Cup, featuring F1 drivers and PGA Tour golfers playing against each other at the Wynn Las Vegas golf course.

The event wasn't without its technical difficulties - there were the occasional microphone and earpiece hiccups - so here's hoping the upcoming tennis match will run more smoothly.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Ake Ngiamsanguan / Anadolu / Contributor/Getty