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Netflix faces major backlash over upcoming changes to plan prices

Netflix faces major backlash over upcoming changes to plan prices

It looks like Netflix might soon be upping its prices - again.

Netflix's prices have been steadily rising in recent years, and while other streaming platforms have followed suit, it's now standing out as a particularly expensive option in the field.

It would argue that it has the biggest library and widest set of options for viewers, and it might be right on that - but a recent hint that even further price rises could be on the horizon has set off some pretty adverse reactions on social media.

Netflix recently acquired the rights to WWE's weekly wrestling show, Raw, in a deal worth over $5 billion - and it does command a big audience.

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While many reports suggest that cost is intended to be covered by ads that Netflix will sell against the programming, it also seems like the streaming giant is leaving the door open to more price rises.

That idea was floated by X (formerly Twitter) account DiscussingFilm, with a statement from that's been widely reported from Netflix execs: "As we invest in and improve Netflix, we’ll occasionally ask our members to pay a little extra to reflect those improvements.”

X / DiscussingFilm

The post has attracted hundreds of responses. These fall into a bunch of different camps, with some people predicting that they'll end up having to pay either an extra charge or a higher tier of membership to actually watch those WWE shows.

This isn't exactly a far-fetched theory since so many other sporting events end up being locked behind pay-per-view.

It also raises a key point, though, that many people are getting upset about - the idea that Netflix, and the streaming market in general, is becoming increasingly similar to the old-fashioned cable system that it was supposedly meant to solve and improve on.

This means that many households have to pay a bunch of subscriptions to access their favorite shows and sports, instead of being able to save money by only really having one or two.

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Responses to DiscussingFilm touch on these pricing challenges, too, especially in light of how brutal Netflix can be about canceling shows if they don't bring in enough revenue.

This all demonstrates that there's a clear sense of upset about how Netflix's business plans inevitably seem to result in price rises for customers - so it'll be interesting to see how the streamer actually plays the next year.

But not everyone is so shocked by the news - with one user commenting: "Not surprised, the prices will always increase."

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