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YouTuber climbs 1,100ft up LA's tallest skyscraper and the views will make you dizzy

YouTuber climbs 1,100ft up LA's tallest skyscraper and the views will make you dizzy

The view's not for the faint-hearted

The sights are undoubtedly incredible from atop the world's tallest building.

We're talking the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which one YouTuber got exclusive access to - what a place to live!

But what about the views from LA's tallest skyscraper?

This climb is a lot more dangerous and definitely less legal.

YouTuber DyingLlama and his crew made the feat of climbing to the top of the 1,100 ft tower in the US.

The adventurist and his crew had to navigate several different routes in the process to avoid being spotted by cameras.

After climbing a never-ending ladder, they finally reached the top.

Up there, after opening the sealed barrier, they were greeted with a huge mist of fog - which was a little disappointing.

Surprisingly, however, the public deck could be seen below - as spotted by one of his crew - which they had to wait until clear before they could step out.

By the looks of the graffiti and carved names inside the chamber, it looks as though the climb had been completed by some other ambitious people before them.

When the fog finally cleared, DyingLlama stepped out.

Watching the nerve-wracking footage, you can see him holding onto the holes in the metal cylinder with only his fingertips for support.

It's certainly a view that could stop your heart.

'**** man that was ****ed up,' the daredevil said as he climbed back down to safety. 'I walked around the whole outside.'

Viewers have been expressing their shock and praised the YouTuber for his absolute courage to do such a thing.

Michael Lee/Getty
Michael Lee/Getty

'I have no idea how you don't get dizzy and lose balance when looking down and not holding on to anything at those heights, absolute insanity,' one user wrote.

'Holy sh*t just watching gave me crazy anxiety. Imagine slipping and that feeling right when you went over the edge??!! You got some balls dude,' a second replied.

Others were surprised at his remarkable finger grip, saying: 'When he started walking around the top with just his fingers in the holes…hell nah'.

A fourth viewer joked: 'Bro got sick of waiting for GTA 6 so he made his own mission'.

DyingLlama dedicates his YouTube channel to crazy adrenaline-filled videos from climbing cranes in New York City to intense police chases. If you don't fancy the adrenaline rush yourself, his channel is the place to visit for the next best thing.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Lee/Getty / DyingLlama/YouTube