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Man calls tech support after installing 10,000 viruses onto his laptop and the reactions are priceless

Man calls tech support after installing 10,000 viruses onto his laptop and the reactions are priceless

This is a hilarious case study on how to destroy your own computer.

Those of us who have grown up in the 21st century are very familiar with the threat of viruses and malware on our laptops.

Whether you have an antivirus program installed to warn you about suspicious links, or just know that downloading random apps probably isn't a good idea, the fear of getting a virus is real.

YouTuber Basically Homeless, though, has made a bit of a habit of seeing just how bad things can get on a computer if you intentionally seek out as many viruses as possible.

He did just that in mid-2022, and after successfully infecting his laptop with thousands of viruses, he followed things up with a funny idea - phoning up tech support lines to see if they could help him out.

Talking to official representatives from the maker of his laptop, some antivirus companies and more, he let them share his screen to see the absolute mayhem he'd unleashed.

The highlights of his virus experiments included a program that made virtual butterflies cover his screen and flap around, as well as weird little virtual assistants including a talking chicken - and even a pop-up counting down the days until he'd have his liver allegedly stolen.

The tech support workers are almost all amazed at how compromised his computer is, with one saying to him in a deadpan voice at one point: "This is not common, believe me."

Another agent politely asks whether he actually wants the "cockroaches and the butterflies" on his screen, which is considerate - just in case those were actually intentionally added for some fun.

When one asks whether the YouTuber "clicked on any unauthorized links before this happened", they're getting the closest to the truth, of course.

The same agent says: "Oh, it's really bad" as he proceeds to diagnose the laptop - repeating "it's really bad" as things continue to get worse.

Peter Dazeley / Getty
Peter Dazeley / Getty

Try as he might to "close a few things", they eventually start to admit that they've "never seen anything like this".

One agent can clearly barely contain her amusement at how messed up his computer is, as a window floats around proclaiming 'You are an idiot' in flashing letters.

It's actually pretty heartwarming to see him having some fun with the agents as they get more bemused - and a few of them even manage to uninstall a couple of programs.

Broadly, though, the computer seems to be beyond help, even if they do eventually manage to find the chief virus causing the problem, masquerading as a program called 'Spider-Man 3 Movie Countdown'.

So, if you've ever wondered how bad your laptop could get, let this video be the perfect warning.

Featured Image Credit: Basically Homeless/YouTube