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Man survives 100 hours controlled by AI and makes huge realization at the end

Man survives 100 hours controlled by AI and makes huge realization at the end

Living life under AI instructions turns out to be a little wild.

Despite being relatively new, ChatGPT is now he biggest program in the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, used by countless companies and people to help them draft emails, write paragraphs, and more.

Given that its creator OpenAI only this week unveiled the latest versions of ChatGPT, including ChatGPTo, which has frankly scary conversational abilities, it's no wonder that YouTubers the world over are experimenting with it.

One, Mack (who has a whopping 376k subscribers) made the bold move of handing over his entire life to ChatGPT for 100 hours, letting the chatbot tell him what to do and even what to say.

It makes for a super entertaining video in which he really commits to the bit, asking ChatGPT for advice on when he should wake up, what he should eat, and what activities he should take part in.

Things start off pretty sedate, with the chatbot recommending a healthy breakfast and then some gentle exercise, but get a bit crazier when he asks it for a "high-octane" activity - it suggests cliff-jumping, which is pretty niche.

Mack finds a way, though, with a friend, and goes for some impressively big cliff jumps in a river - and has a great time, showing that maybe ChatGPT knows what it's talking about.

The next day, seemingly remembering that he enjoyed that outing, though, the chatbot recommends that he upgrade to bungee jumping.

This takes Mack on a sketchy-looking trip to the woods, where he manages to find a bungee jumping place, despite his fear of heights. It's another amazing experience, as he tells it - "it felt like everything was perfect".

From here, Mack turns to dating - a risky prospect. He uses ChatGPT to sift through potential matches on Hinge, with it turning down all sorts of people.

Vithun Khamsong / Getty
Vithun Khamsong / Getty

He secures one date, though, then gets a haircut before attending, as instructed by the chatbot. He follows this up with a tuxedo rental, also on advice from ChatGPT, and heads to the date.

Here, things get harder to watch - he hooks up his conversation to ChatGPT, and reads out responses to his date without her realizing, which makes for a baffling conversation.

As his date says, "This conversation is a challenge", not least because he calls her pet cats "feral creatures" at one point, echoing ChatGPT's paragraphs of text.

By the end, Mack says it was "possibly the worst experience of my entire life", which is no surprise.

In fact, he concludes the video by accepting that ChatGPT isn't a guide for happy living. Connections with people are far more important, as proved by the friendship he makes with the McDonald's server who gave him his "healthy breakfast" each morning.

Featured Image Credit: MackHopkins/YouTube