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AI creates video of 'what hell looks like' and the result is terrifying

AI creates video of 'what hell looks like' and the result is terrifying

And other freaky predictions from artificial intelligence.

It might be morbid, but at some point or other, we’ve all wondered what ‘hell’ might look like. A sea of flames? A creature with horns and a pointy tale? All valid suggestions.

Well, Historic Vids (@historyinmemes) on X recently posted a video on this topic which is generating a huge amount of chatter in the replies.

The video is captioned: “Asked AI to show ‘Hell’”. And the result is beyond freaky.

The black and white video shows an innumerable number of hands reaching up to grab a body that’s being pushed downwards.

The 18-second clip goes on to show a screaming face, followed by a distorted face continually being overlapped with hands. At one point it seems like a hand is coming out of the faces mouth. Enough to give you goosebumps.

People on X of course had some thoughts on the eerie AI video.

One person joked: "Many already experience this "Hell" every morning going to work by public transit."

It’s not the first time AI has created some terrifying apocalyptic scenes either.

Academic Eliezer Yudkowsky recently predicted that the AI apocalypse might come sooner than you think.

He told The Guardian: "If you put me to a wall and forced me to put probabilities on things, I have a sense that our current remaining timeline looks more like five years than 50 years. Could be two years, could be 10".

The California-based researcher famously, and sometimes to public criticism, speaks out against the rise of AI.

Scientists from Denmark have also created an AI system that hits even closer to home…

Trained off of the lives of more than one million people from Denmark, ‘life2vec’ is an AI system created to predict an individual’s time of death with alarming accuracy.


Back to the apocalypse now, TikToker @robotoverloards previously asked AI to envision the ‘last selfies ever taken’. Demonstrating what people and our planet might look like seconds before our world ends.

The results were absolutely horrifying.

One picture shows a very grey background of swirling clouds atop a huge body of water. The person in the foreground is holding their phone in front of their face, which seems to be covered in blood from the nose down.

Other images from the same video show angry-looking flames amid water, and some of the ‘people’ in the foreground look skeletal.

One person noticed something particularly freaky about the video: “Yall saw how earth was in the sky like the moon?”

Featured Image Credit: @historyinmemes/X