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Youtuber becomes the 'first man to mail himself across America' and spends 4 days straight inside huge box disguised as package

Youtuber becomes the 'first man to mail himself across America' and spends 4 days straight inside huge box disguised as package

Airrack embarked on the 'awesome' odyssey to reunite with a beloved family member.

A man who shipped himself across the US to visit a cherished family member documented how he almost met his ‘demise’ on the ‘awesome’ four-day pilgrimage.

Popular YouTuber Eric Deker - more commonly known by his alias Airrack - posts adventure and prank content on the platform.

However, his latest clip, titled ‘I Actually Mailed Myself Across America’, could be his most daring challenge yet.


In the opening moments of the 23-minute video, Decker employed ChatGPT to find out how he could successfully transport himself through the mail system.

The artificial intelligence-powered tool advised him that the practice was both ‘unsafe and illegal’ before explaining he should do a low-stakes test run.

Heeding ChatGPT’s written word, Decker proceeded to fit a box with a GPS tracker and a series of high-definition cameras before mailing it out on a round-trip.

Upon its return, the YouTuber carefully studied the footage and realised he would have to put ‘more safety measures into the box’ than he was anticipating.

Two months later, the social media star sent off a second human-sized box with a cardboard cutout of himself placed inside.

However, he found oxygen levels in the box plunged to deadly levels - so if he wanted to survive he’d have to go back to he drawing board.

Despite the threat to his life, Decker eventually employed a safety expert to help him create his third and final shipping box.


After nine months of work, the video maker believed he was ready to be mailed across the US and loaded himself into the box.

Ahead of the expedition, Decker revealed the package had been fitted with a toilet and that he possessed five days’ worth of provisions.

Upon being loaded into the box, he had an agonizing 45-minute wait until the delivery driver came, picked him up and heaved him into a truck.

All seemed to be well until disaster struck in the middle of the man’s journey.

An oxygen tank had randomly exploded, causing him to remark: “Kind of a cruel twist that what was intended to save my life almost led to my demise.”

After four days of traveling across the country, Decker eventually ended up at his destination - his mom’s house.


After his parent signed for the box, her curious neighbors headed over with their power tools to open up the mysterious package.

Due to them failing spectacularly to open the ‘fortress’, Decker said: “I finally decided to make it easy on them by opening my secret door.”

Upon opening the latch, the man revealed himself to his shocked mom before announcing the true reason he shipped himself across the US - to see his family’s pig, Baker.

“That’s right my best friend from home is a pig. I actually bought him with my own money as a kid and we’ve been friends ever since.”

After watching the conclusion of Decker’s wild cross-country travels, fans came out in their droves to debate the odyssey.

One YouTube user wrote: “Bro imagine the delivery drivers seeing this vid later in life.”

A second typed: “I used to see videos like this when I was younger that were completely untrue. I am so glad a video of this actually happening is online. This is f****ng awesome man. Great work.”

“Awhh, this video was actually so wholesome - The pig and your momma was so happy to have you home,” someone else said.

A fourth user commented: “Bro you are awesome, to be committed enough to workout in a super box in a truck is insane. You also could have quit when you puked a ton but you pushed on. Great job.”

Featured Image Credit: Airrack/YouTube