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Millions of WhatsApp users receive free upgrade making messaging super fun

Millions of WhatsApp users receive free upgrade making messaging super fun

Making your own stickers has just got a whole lot easier.

WhatsApp has quietly rolled out a fun new feature, making it a whole lot easier to add stickers to your chats.

The free upgrade means that iPhone users won't have to leave WhatsApp to add a sticker - it's as easy as opening up your photo gallery.

So how does it work?

'Choose a photo from your gallery to make into a sticker or have AI generate one for you. You can preview and edit your custom sticker before using it in a chat, and you can also save it to use again,' WhatsApp says.


All you have to do is tap the sticker icon on the right of the text box you normally type in, then select 'Create your own stickers'. That will pull up your camera roll - you can then choose an image and customize it however you want. That might be cutting out a shape in that image, adding text, drawing on it - whatever you like.

Once you've made a sticker, it'll be saved within WhatsApp - meaning you can send it again or edit it further.

If you did want to edit an original sticker, tap the sticker icon then long hold on the one you want to tinker with, and select 'Edit Sticker'.

So what if you've been hunting for this new feature, but just can't find it? You'll have to make sure the latest version of WhatsApp is downloaded and your phone is running on iOS 17.

For most of us, that is enough - and it's a seriously simple way to make your own sticker - but tech-savvy people out there actually can create their own stickers from scratch. According to WhatsApp, you can create sticker art with 'minimal development or coding experience', but there are also opportunities for experienced developers to make more complex stickers.

Take a look at how to create your own stickers - and the requirements around them - here.


It's not the only change WhatsApp has been working on. According to reports, the app is testing bringing Polls to WhatsApp Channels.

Polls are already available in group chats - they're an easy way to ask a question to a bunch of your friends (making bachelor/bachelorette party planning a whole lot smoother) - but adding it to Channels would broaden this out. Channels are a one-to-many broadcast service - so are more likely to be used by interesting people or organizations, who might benefit from putting a poll to their audience.

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