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People confused after seeing ‘look between x and y on your keyboard’ trend all over social media

People confused after seeing ‘look between x and y on your keyboard’ trend all over social media

Some want answers whilst others are tired of seeing the trend.

The internet will forever be a platform of endless education, entertainment and rather pointless information.

On the note of the latter, there's been a trend going around on social media that involves looking at your keyboard between certain letters. This usually reveals a name or some kind of internet slang.

It started off as a minor joke on 4chan that has had many variations since.

If you're unfamiliar, 4chan is basically a message board where people can post anything from the unique to the very, very weird - a less censored version of Reddit if you will.

Dipesh Dk / 500px / Getty
Dipesh Dk / 500px / Getty

In May 2021, a 4chan user posted a picture of the anime character Yui and told people to "look between t and o on your'e key bored" - and unsurprisingly, the keyboard layout spells out the character's name.

Although many found the 'joke' quite dull and nothing worth shouting about, since then, there have been many variations of it.

And the memes are no longer limited to just anime fans.

For instance, one X user posted: "The only person who can make your life better is .........

"Look between Y and I of your keyboard".

Others use it within a meme whereby a controversial statement would followed by telling the readers to "now look between 'h' and 'l' on your keyboard" to spell out the slang word "jk" - meaning "joking".

Even the Guinness World Records' social media account joined the trend and posted on X: "Applicant: I want to break the for the longest time without sleep!!

"Us: Look between T and U on your keyboard."

Westend61 / Getty
Westend61 / Getty

The new one that's stumped everyone at the moment is the 'Look Between X and Y On Your Keyboard' trend.

But no one seems to have cracked on the code on this one, with there being quite a few keys between the letters "X" and "Y" or, as some people assumed, to be the letter 'f' which still makes zero sense. And if anything, the whole trend has just caused confusion among the online community.

User @KeionDaisuki_01 pointed out that it is related to the anime series K-On! although the exact meaning is somewhat muddled.

"Bro I'm so tired of keyboard s**t on my TL," one frustrated user commented on the trend.

Others took a more unfiltered approach and encouraged people to "look between SHUT and THE F*** UP on your keyboard."

Some voiced the frustration of having to 'do homework to understand wtf is going on' with a meme.

Featured Image Credit: Dipesh Dk / 500px / Westend61 / Getty