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Terrifying simulator shows what it's like to drown

Terrifying simulator shows what it's like to drown

Simulated footage shows a man thrown from his boat into the vast ocean with no sign of rescue

Imagine being all alone in the vast blue, scared out of your mind, with no boat or sign of help in sight.

This is precisely what unfolds in this viral video, where a simulation vividly illustrates the terrifying experience of drowning.

In this unsettling POV, you are shown a chillingly realistic perspective on the horrors of being trapped in the depths.

It begins with a man being forcefully ejected from his boat, which almost immediately drifts away.

The man is left stranded and awaiting urgent rescue.

As you watch the simulation, you witness the man struggle to stay afloat in the water. Although it may seem manageable at first, the effort to keep your head above the surface can quickly become exhausting - causing a lot of panic in the first stages.

@hegeakajesus / YouTube
@hegeakajesus / YouTube

As such, the man quickly becomes tiresome, and you see his ongoing struggle to stay afloat.

You also witness the man lose his nail, which horrifyingly shows no sign of blood - displaying early signs of hypothermia.

Despite desperate attempts to call for his friend 'Charles', the man finds himself completely alone. With exhaustion of keeping afloat and the increasing loss of hope, the man falls beneath the surface. Water fills his lungs and he is completely submerged.

Experts have often researched what happens in the remaining seconds of drowning with hallucinations and drifting in and out of consciousness. And this video shows exactly that.

Towards the end, the video shows the man hallucinating about past events in his life during his last seconds.

@hegeakajesus / YouTube
@hegeakajesus / YouTube

The simulation delves into the grim realities of drowning, and the fluctuation in and out of consciousness.

Adding to the bleakness, the simulator ends with a message: "You died after 4 minutes and 20 seconds."

The simulator was created by French sea-safety gear company - Guy Cotten - as a part of their ongoing campaign to urge boat enthusiasts to always wear their life jackets.

There's nothing like pure fear factor to persuade people to prioritise safety.

The fear-inducing video racked up in popularity with a lot of YouTube creators - such as CinnamonToastKen and Kubz Scouts - playing the simulator to experience it themselves.

One viewer wrote: 'This is exactly why I hate boats and the ocean.'

Another commented: 'So this game was suppose to send a message saying "Wear your life jacket kids, because if you don't, when you fall into the ocean you're screwed!"'

Featured Image Credit: @hegeakajesus / YouTube