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'Clearest UFO photo' ever taken was hidden from public for decades

'Clearest UFO photo' ever taken was hidden from public for decades

It's certainly a hard one to explain.

One of the clearest UFO photos ever taken was apparently 'hidden' for years, but has now been uncovered and posted for all to see.

The photograph was taken in the Scottish highlands by two hikers, is more than 30 years old and appears to show a perplexing diamond-shaped entity flying in the sky, accompanied by a single fighter jet.

According to the hikers who snapped that photo, the UFO hovered in the air for about 10 minutes before shooting upwards higher into the sky and then disappearing.

People have been known to scour the skies for UFOs.
Niall Carson/PA Wire/PA Images

It became known as the Calvine Photograph, and the negatives of the picture made their way into the hands of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) fairly quickly and weren't shown to the public at any point.

Some 30 years later, Academic and journalist Dr David Clarke uncovered the images while researching, and tracked down the RAF officer who still had the original negatives in an envelope.

The images could therefore be archived properly and made public for the first time, for people to pore over and theorise about.

There's no doubt that the image in question is still fairly grainy by modern standards, but it's equally very hard to explain from the looks of it.

Talking to The Sun, Vinnie Adams, from campaign group UAP Media UK, who worked with Dr Clarke on the project, said: "It’s been a privilege to work on this case with such a dedicated team of researchers. After 32 years, and an intensive investigation, it feels good to be able to show this elusive photograph to the world."

While the identity of the original photographer is unknown, there's also hope that they might come forward with proof that it was them, after the story becomes more widely known.

That could help people to figure out just what the photo actually shows since that curious diamond-shaped ship or entity is confusing to the eye.

Part of the reason that UFO theories and conspiracies are so enthralling for many people is that there is a genuine culture of secrecy around the various government agencies that have investigated them over the years.

Since, in many cases, what's being observed is actually a piece of secretive aerospace technology, that probably has to rank as one of the safest guesses in this case, whether it's some sort of blimp or zeppelin, or even a weather balloon of sorts.

The United States now has a dedicated agency just for publicising information about its history of investigation into the existence of UFOs, in an attempt to dispel the many myths and rumours that surround facilities like Area 51 and others - it's called the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

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