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Man survives the world’s quietest room for an hour and saw some crazy effects on his body

Man survives the world’s quietest room for an hour and saw some crazy effects on his body

YouTuber Ryan Trahan managed to stay in the eerie room for a whole hour.

How long do you think you could last in perfect, total silence?

Well, YouTube creator Ryan Trahan put that question to the test a couple of years ago, and his video is getting a new wave of attention after he recently wore the Apple Vision Pro for a whole weekend.

Trahan travelled to Minnesota to visit Orfield Laboratories, where he found two interesting rooms - one that had been built to be as echoey and loud as possible, with reflective metal surfaces everywhere, and another that was the exact opposite.

Covered in sound-absorbing material and shapes, the room is reportedly the quietest in the world. Before Trahan made the trip, the record for time spent in this room was said to be 41 minutes.

Its creator, Steve Orfield, explained in the video that the total absence of sound can be extremely weird to experience, with one's own hearing and the small noises your body makes becoming incredibly easy to perceive.

That's clear from Trahan's footage inside the room, too - since there's no light in it, he used a night-vision camera to show how he experienced it.

Trahan started to realise how rare silence really is in our modern lives, with most of us pretty much constantly listening to music or podcasts, even before we consider loud environments that we might be in.

Unsurprisingly, as time went on Trahan did indeed start to feel deeply weird - he found his senses were elevated in a noticeable way, he started to completely lose track of time, and was able to hear his own body's sounds really clearly.

Ryan Trahan/YouTube

The room being pitch dark does seem to be a major factor here, admittedly, since that makes it more like a total sense deprivation room rather than just a silent one, but who's nitpicking?

Trahan thought he'd been in the room for 27 minutes when he actually had reached the hour-point and was let out - only to be told by Orfield that the record he'd heard about wasn't even factually accurate, and that there wasn't really a limit to how long you could spend in the room.

Still, people have rushed to the comments section to discuss this unique experience. One YouTuber wrote: "As a quiet kid, this seems like heaven" and garnering over four thousand likes in agreement.

Another enthusiastic note read: "To be honest, I’d love to hear my body’s sounds in a room like this. It’s a little terrifying but I’m just so curious to hear my own heartbeats and details in a way I’d normally not be able to."

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Ryan Trahan/YouTube