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Man left puzzled after discovering ‘impossible geometry’ on Google Earth that turned out much stranger than he could have imagined

Man left puzzled after discovering ‘impossible geometry’ on Google Earth that turned out much stranger than he could have imagined

The YouTuber wanted to see the bizarre landscape structures in person.

The digital world has given us less adventurous types the chance to explore places we'd never dream of visiting - at least if it carries many dangers.

One YouTuber, by the channel name of thePOVchannel decided to go beyond the screen and check out a strange geological structure he found on Google Earth that 'no one has seen before.'

While browsing Google Maps, he spotted what he called 'one of the most bizarre' geologic structures he'd ever seen.

Convinced it was 'hiding something', he decided to go and see it for himself.

In December 2023, the content creator shares his adventure to this mysterious site, only reachable 'through several miles of intricate and treacherous petrified sand dunes'.


He said: 'I wasn't sure I would make it or what I would find.

'But I ended up leaving this place completely exhausted and with more questions than answers.'

Using a drone, he captured the bizarre rock blockades and the 'massive amount of huge petrified sand dunes' - all with his very cute dog accompanying him.

By sticking to the top of the dunes, he avoided rocky slopes and small canyons. He stepped across large gaps, uneven, 'steep' terrain and stood close to some heart-stopping cliff edges. It's certainly not a journey most of us would embark on.

He sees some pretty unique sights like 'S' shapes in sandstone and points out that it's 'way, way bigger' than he first thought.

The explorer added: 'When I looked on Google Maps I thought, "Oh you know maybe it's like the size of a big house." Nope, it is a huge massive chunk of sandstone sticking up out of the earth.'


Surprisingly, the YouTuber didn't have to backtrack, feeling 'lucky' about the path he chose.

His fans are thankful to watch such a video that gives them a sense of adventure from behind the screen: 'As a structural and architectural engineer I am super sensitive to geometry and you have given me the absolute best video I have ever watched....late in my 70s I can't go there to see it for myself so thank you for your great adventure'.

Other fans were quite scared for the YouTuber's safety but grateful for the experience nonetheless: 'I’m close to a panic attack just watching you and waiting for you to fall or get stuck in a crevice. The dog has no fear either.

That is an unbelievable place to explore. Thanks for sharing and staying alive!'

Another user replied: 'And another wrote: 'Obviously the vast overwhelming majority of people will never ever venture to such places. That is why I applaud you for taking us along to see sights we would otherwise never see. Thank you and your dog... Thumbs Up!'

Featured Image Credit: thePOVchannel/YouTube