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What age people think you are based on how you type on your phone

What age people think you are based on how you type on your phone

Your texting style will probably change as you age, according to a former Apple employee.

If you thought the type of phone you had showed your age (throwback to Eminem using a BlackBerry), the conversation has now shifted to people's texting habits.

TikToker Tyler Morgan, who's built a rep around creating iPhone hacks and tips videos, shared how you can tell someone's age by the way they type.

For example, he pointed out that those who 'swipe to text' are mostly likely millennials or possibly Gen Z. Personally, I think swipe to text is quite an acquired taste: you either love it or hate it.

Those in the 'type fast and accurately with one hand' group - i.e. using only the thumb of the phone-holding hand to type - are probably 'preteen to age 25'.

What I presumed to be the most common, method (which goes to show my age) is 'typing fast and accurately with both thumbs' is mostly likely used by the same younger group whilst also extending up to people in their 'mid-30s.'

FG Trade / Getty
FG Trade / Getty

Morgan, who himself is a millennial, claims that people generally continue to use their thumbs to type until their 50s, at which point they might start adding in an index finger 'unnecessarily.'

He also observed that starting around age 65, people often switch to tapping keys individually only with their index finger - the grandparent style of texting.

Furthermore, the former Apple employee found it 'impressive' when people held their mobile landscape and typed that way saying: 'I don't honestly know how you do it.' Perhaps, it dates back to the slide-out keyboard phone era.

Meanwhile, Morgan also shared his confusion among people who use their thumb and index finger to type declaring that 'it just feels wrong' and you 'might as well be playing a mobile game.'

mihailomilovanovic / Getty
mihailomilovanovic / Getty

Comments on the video escalated quickly from 'I’ve never seen anyone swipe to text' to 'Swipe to text is actually fun' down to 'Swipe to text is absolutely criminal'.

Others pointed out that using their thumb and index finger was easier to type given the increasing size of phones these days.

They wrote: 'I'm in my 30s and use my index finger because the phone is too big to use my thumb too much. It's uncomfortable.'

In an interview with Newsweek, Morgan shared that his 'observations' were made from 'being bored at work and just watching people when I'm at home or with friends'.

So, what's your age according to your texting style?

Featured Image Credit: FG Trade / mihailomilovanovic / Getty