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Crazy YouTube video shows what would happen if one million people actually stormed Area 51

Crazy YouTube video shows what would happen if one million people actually stormed Area 51

Would Area 51's secrets finally be uncovered?

Remember that time everyone was going to storm Area 51 in 2019?

Of course, you do.

It was as unforgettable as the pandemic which is very much engrained in our minds.

Well, a YouTube channel recently explored the question: 'What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?'

Alone, you wouldn't stand much of a chance, you would either be killed or arrested - maybe even abducted by aliens?

But with strength in numbers, one million people running into the US military base could stand a chance, right?

Let's see.

For starters, you won't be using GPS to get there. Area 51 is highly classified and off-limits to all visitors. But with a bit of internet searching, you might find directions (not that we recommend this).

Dustin Belt/Unsplash
Dustin Belt/Unsplash

But bear in mind that the roads leading to it aren’t your typical highways.

Instead, you'd be driving on small dirt roads and off-road trails.

If one million people tried to storm the base at once, you can expect massive traffic jams and large delays - with some not even making it to the base at all.

'As soon as you cross the Area 51 border, you'd quickly be met by the base's private security,' What If said.

These guys patrol 24/7 in pickup trucks, and they’re heavily armed. So, you wouldn’t be able to sneak up on them without them seeing you coming first.

And it wouldn't just be security chasing the hoard.

'With an event this big, the whole world would surely know and it would be impossible to keep it a secret,' What If explained.

Area 51 is a detachment of Edward's Air Force Base, so you can expect resistance from thousands of active military members and police.

'They'd have their guns, tasers, tanks and who knows what else,' the YouTuber asserted.

Whilst they'd try to keep casualties to a minimum, expect to be hit with pepper spray and other non-lethal weapons.

Bruce Warrington/Unsplash
Bruce Warrington/Unsplash

But, the YouTuber said: 'They'd still be determined to keep what's inside Area 51 a secret.'

This means 'most likely the camo dudes and their military counterparts would open fire on the crowds.'

Trained to use deadly force, they’d aim to stop you by any means necessary, and you could end up with bullet wounds - or worse.

If you're lucky enough to avoid getting shot, you'd surely be arrested.

But let's not stop the fun there. What if you somehow sneaked past all the guards?

Well unfortunately you will wouldn't be at the base. Area 51 covers a space of 150 sq km (60 sq mi) but the surrounding area is a whopping 1600 sq km (575 sq mi)!

'You could be walking around for hours before you found it,' What If added.

The sad thing even if you did find something after all that, it’s unclear what you'd actually come across.

To this day, no one knows what goes on inside that base.

Featured Image Credit: What If/YouTube