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Airline boasts secret feature that fliers are calling a ‘game changer’

Airline boasts secret feature that fliers are calling a ‘game changer’

This is genius.

There can be so many annoyances when flying, from people kicking your seat to passengers taking off their socks.

But this tip could make your next plane journey a breeze.

Ever been on a flight, spotted a movie you fancy, then gone to press play and realize you don’t have wired headphones? Sometimes airlines will provide some for you, but in our experience they tend to be wildly uncomfortable.

Gone are the days when headphones come with wires, with loads of us opting for Apple AirPods or other Bluetooth-connected devices instead.

So you will be pleased to know that wireless headphones can now connect to seat-back screens via bluetooth on Delta’s new Airbus A321neo.

One TikToker, Elise Brulotte, a frozen cookie dough brand co-founder, was buzzing to discover she could use her AirPods on her trip from Seattle to Honolulu.

She wrote on TikTok: “FINALLY Delta’s new plane allows you to watch movies with your AirPods.”

The video shows her connecting her AirPods Pro via Bluetooth on her monitor to watch the classic romcom Crazy Rich Asians.

Her caption read: “ABOUT TIME as someone who never bought over the ear headphones I'm freaking out. Game changer.”

Elise dubbed the feature a 'game changer'.

Her post now has over 600,000 views and people rushed to the comments to share in her excitement, saying “Delta will always be superior,” and “About damn time.”

Another added: “Omg wait that means I could connect my hearing aid! It’s Bluetooth so I usually just watch movies in silence.”

But, if you fly on a plane that doesn't have the Bluetooth connectivity option yet, apparently you can buy a device that does the job.

On Amazon you can get an AirFly adaptor - by plugging the device into the headphone jack on the monitor, AirFly apparently goes into pairing mode, and you can listen to your favorite movies.

Using your own headphones, rather than the ones sometimes provided by the airline, can usually mean sound quality is better.

So, next time you’re on a flight, you might be able to sit back, relax, and watch a movie without getting any wires tangled.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: eliseseats/ TikTok