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Tech experts reveal the eight things you should never say to Siri or Alexa

Tech experts reveal the eight things you should never say to Siri or Alexa

Best keep smart assistants out of certain things.

People ask all sorts of weird things to Siri and Alexa - so much so that Amazon shared a list of the strangest things people asked Alexa in 2023.

But tech experts have revealed the eight things you should never ask AI assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Turns out, they’re not that helpful when it comes to the important stuff.

Play doctor

You know you shouldn't trust Google for health advice, and the same goes for Siri and Alexa.

It might be okay for small stuff like colds but for anything you're seriously worried about need to be checked out by a medical professional.

Relying on your smart assistant might stop you from booking that important appointment.

How to hurt someone

A little concerning if you're thinking this anyway, but if you’re just venting, don’t drag Apple's Siri into it.

These conversations can come back to haunt you if you ever find yourself in legal trouble.

blackCAT / Getty
blackCAT / Getty

Anything illegal

If you're looking to buy something shady or asking about anything illegal, don’t ask Alexa.

These types of questions could be used against you and could land you on the wrong side of the law.

Be your telephone operator

When it comes to making calls, it’s usually easier to just dial the number yourself.

Using an assistant can be a hassle, and they often call the wrong person or place. Awkward!

Handle your money

Even though voice assistants can connect to your financial apps, there are a lot of security risks - especially around voice data.

Cybercriminals can record your voice and use it against you, which is becoming part of a large scam.

It's a lot safer to contact your bank yourself.

d3sign / Getty
d3sign / Getty

“Will I die if I eat this?”

Leaving your fate in the hands of AI for questions like this isn’t the best idea.

If you come across some exotic-looking berries, it's wise not to eat them.

Even if Siri says otherwise, don't leave medical advice to the tech assistants.

Asking them to delete things

Communication isn't always clear with voice assistant.

There's a chance that the command won't work properly and you also risk assistants deleting the wrong stuff.

Smart assistants record everything

Remember, these types of technology record all your conversations.

You can turn off these features if you don’t want tech companies eavesdropping on your private conversations - but just be wary of what you say in the presence of Alexa.

Always stay one step ahead of your smart assistant.

Featured Image Credit: blackCAT / d3sign / Getty