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Man who revealed what it was like 'being ugly' on YouTube finds love with woman who commented

Man who revealed what it was like 'being ugly' on YouTube finds love with woman who commented

One YouTuber found love in the unlikeliest of places: the comment section.

A heartwarming story of love has been thrust into the spotlight this week, as an unlikely couple has attracted a lot of attention.

As cries for help go, the one uploaded by the Swedish YouTube channel Never Give Up in early 2018 was a pretty heart-rending one.

Prefaced by the fact that he'd been drinking and was feeling very low, the YouTuber made a lengthy 24-minute video titled 'Being Ugly: My Experience', in which he went it a whole bunch of detail about how unhappy he was with his physical appearance.

The video was a pretty tough watch, too, as he listed different parts of his body and face, talking about what he felt was wrong with them and how many of these problems weren't things he could control or influence.

“My entire life I have been treated quite bad. I feel really alone, and I feel like I was going to search YouTube for people with the same issue as me, and that is being really unattractive," he said.

His theory was that this was holding back all elements of his life - in particular, making it impossible to find a romantic partner.

As it happened, the affecting video went pretty viral, and now sits on over 20.5 million views, with over 150,000 comments.

Little did the channel's host know that this very video would be the key to resolving his problems - underneath it a viewer called Juli.Romina.M commented to disagree with his negative conclusions: "I actually think you’re kinda cute tbh. I mean it".

That's a nice message to receive, but Juli.Romina.M then went further, reaching out on other platforms to strike up a conversation.

Never Give Up/ YouTube

From there, the pair struck up a long-distance relationship since Juliana (as she's actually called) wasn't based in Sweden, and they've since been married, making for a pretty unbelievably modern love story - and one that proves that original video wrong.

Juliana later replied to her original comment on the video: "1 year later I'm his wife."

The couple now calls what happened destiny - and who could really disagree, given how unique a meet-cute this really is.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ Never Give Up