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MrBeast calls out X 'facade' after revealing how much revenue his video made

MrBeast calls out X 'facade' after revealing how much revenue his video made

YouTuber MrBeast has finally revealed the results of his experiment on X.

The next stage in MrBeast and Elon Musk's fencing match over posting videos directly onto X (formerly known as Twitter) has arrived.

After recently doing a U-turn and actually publishing a full-length video onto his X feed, albeit an old one from September 2023, MrBeast said that he would share how much the video made him back in advertising revenue soon.

That moment has now arrived, and the YouTube giant has confirmed the post made $263,000 in almost exactly a week since it was posted.


He posted a screenshot of his revenue page, showing the money was based on nearly 157 million impressions that X tracked on the post.

Being a relatively experienced operator by now, though, MrBeast immediately qualified that return by saying that he suspected advertisers had helped to promote the video beyond its usual or typical reach, inflating its success substantially.

And dozens of X users replied saying that they saw the post in their feed multiple times.

Other replies credited MrBeast's typically over-the-top style to his success. "Dang all I gotta do is make increasingly high production videos and build a massive audience over the course of many years of grinding and hard work and I could make big money too," one X usesr joked.

The dollar return per impression still doesn't seem predictable on X - another user, YouTuber Jon Denton, responded with a post of his own about a far lower payment from X on another successful post.

He said that a post he made gained 22 million impressions but only paid out $52, which doesn't add up to the same payment policy.

Jon Denton / X

MrBeast would have made a dollar for every 635 impressions, very roughly, whereas Denton would have made a dollar from more like 423,000 impressions, based on estimates.

It's also interesting that Elon Musk hasn't yet weighed in again - he was vocal in attempting to persuade MrBeast to post a video, and reposted that video when it did go live, but hasn't responded to this next phase of the process as yet.

Either way, as a happy twist for the end of this tale, MrBeast has activated his textbook generosity and promised a giveaway of the money he'll be getting from X to some of his followers on the platform.

He wrote on X: "I’m gonna give 10 random people that repost this and follow me $25,000 for fun (the $250,000 my X video made)" - so get reposting before time runs out.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Curiosity Stream / MrBeast