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Man shares ‘maximum productivity’ morning routine that made him $100,000

Man shares ‘maximum productivity’ morning routine that made him $100,000

Brett Maverick has caused quite the stir with his productivity routine.

With a name like Brett Maverick, you've got no choice but to make a success of yourself, right?

Well, that's just what the real Maverick appears to have done, and now he's shared a video showcasing his morning routine. It's gone viral in a big way, which is no surprise given he says the routine powered him to his first $100,000.

Maverick opens up by advising you to make your bed the moment you get up in the morning, since apparently, "Science shows that if you start doing something productive, you're much more likely to be productive throughout the day."

He doesn't cite his sources, but we'll forgive that - the video moves on to his coffee-making routine, but more important seems to be a "huge glass of water" to go with it, which Maverick says is essential to get your body started.

With a brief detour via sponsorship from Manscaped (a daily body hair trim, Brett, really?), Maverick hops into "an ice-cold shower" which he says kickstarts his metabolism but also just helps to wake you up.

After putting on deodorant and moisturizing his face, he puts on an anti-wrinkle eye serum, "Since I laugh so much", he says, which is a nice problem to have.

Maverick then lies in bed and completes some breathing exercises. He uses the method championed by Wim Hof, the Dutchman who is famous for being able to hold his breath underwater for crazy times. Maverick says this process "will make you feel more alive than you ever have before", which is quite the endorsement.

From there it's time for a 10-minute guided meditation session for Maverick, to help you "have control over your thoughts and emotions throughout the day - this is basically a superpower".

Brett Maverick/YouTube

It's finally time to get dressed at this point, spray on some cologne and choose a hairstyle for the day. Only now does poor Brett actually get to drink the coffee he made!

That brings the routine to an end, and it's prompted some pretty amusing responses in the comments, including one reply that said, "Did this for 2 weeks, I still can't see $100k on my account". The video is more of an inspiration to live powerfully than it is a guide to actual money-making, presumably.

Another person couldn't believe what they were watching, saying the whole thing "looks totally like a satire".

But the video is doing really well, regardless of some sass in response, though - it's cruised to over 215,000 views, some of them doubtless prompted by reaction videos picking it apart from bigger YouTubers like Cody & Ko.

Featured Image Credit: Brett Maverick/YouTube