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Man unknowingly took one in a million picture and didn't realise till days after

Man unknowingly took one in a million picture and didn't realise till days after

This is truly an elite-level photobomb.

One of the many nice things about having smartphones in our pockets is being able to snap a killer photo whenever you want.

If you have any iPhone from the last few years, then you've already got a camera that would have made people weep with joy a couple of decades ago.

This does also mean that we can sometimes snap photos, put our phone away to get on with whatever we're doing, and forget about the images we captured until a lot later.


That's exactly what happened to hiker Gavin Best. He was out on a walk near Belfast in Ireland, when he took a few photos of the scenery to preserve the memory.

It wasa only later when he was reviewing his photos did Gavin spot a tiny detail that makes one of them a one-in-a-million shot.

Gavin's photo shows a lovely grassy hill with a rockier crag in the distance, with gorgeous light making the grass almost light up, and a dramatic skyline.

If you zoom in on that rocky outcrop in the middle distance, though, you'll spot a tiny detail that's the key to all of this - there's actually another hiker on there. Thankfully the photo is high-resolution enough that we can get in there to see things more clearly.

Amazingly, the other hiker is perfectly captured midway through a big star jump, arms and legs both splayed out, with quite impressive form.


Whether he spotted Gavin with his phone out pointed in his direction and thought it would be fun to photobomb the image or was just taking some extra exercise while out and about is anyone's guess, but the results are hilarious.

It's even possible that Gavin just happened to snap a picture just as this mysterious other person posed dynamically for a different photographer - the distance makes it pretty much impossible to tell.

It makes an already attractive image really hilarious and memorable for Gavin, who posted it on X back in 2018, when the social network was still called Twitter and wasn't yet owned by Elon Musk.

He captioned the photo: "Took this photo a few days ago. Just spotted something in the distance and zoomed in. How's that for coincidental timing?"

Featured Image Credit: x/bestgav