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Woman shows how to find out everything Google knows about you

Woman shows how to find out everything Google knows about you

"It's scarily accurate"

We all know our data is collected every day, especially by tech giants like Google. But have you wondered just how much information they truly hold on you?

Well now you can find out.

A video on TikTok is detailing exactly how you can find out all the information that Google has on you, but be warned that the results can be 'scarily' accurate:

TikTok user @yorgoandlea posted a short clip on the platform back in 2021 showing how you can find out what data Google knows about you.

In the clip, she heads to Google and searches for 'ad settings google' and signs in, she then scrolls down a list where you can quickly see that it has age, gender and even the languages she speaks stored.

It also appears to show things she may be interested in, such as 'architecture' and 'audio equipment'.

The clip has racked up hundreds of thousands of views and has been flooded with comments from people who were surprised just how much Google knows about them.

You can now find out all the data that Google has stored on you.

One person wrote: "Oh God. I tried it - the amount of information!"

Someone else posted: "It's scarily accurate."

A third said: "This is why I disable all this stuff."

However others checked out theirs and found that the information was way off and not even close to being right.

One person said: "Why does mine say I'm 44+ I'm literally 19."

Another chipped in: "Apparently I am 65-years-old and interested in Utah and reality TV shows."

Google stores its information on you to 'better optimise' the experience for you and 'make [its] services work better for you'.

The page explains that 'Google makes your ads more useful on Google services (such as Search or YouTube), and on websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads'.

Google stores information on you to 'make [its] services work better for you'.

It adds: "Ads are based on personal info you've added to your Google Account, data from advertisers that partner with Google, and Google's estimation of your interests.

"Choose any factor to learn more or update your preferences."

Google promises to never sell your data, and the company says it uses it to 'make ads relevant' while you're online - but it does this without handing over your information to advertisers.

And if you really don't like it, you can always choose to switch off ad personalisation in Google.

You can find that option on the same ads setting page where you'll find your data.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@yorgoandlea