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How soon Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos would run out of money if they spent $1 million a day

How soon Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos would run out of money if they spent $1 million a day

Here's a hint - these two billionaires probably won't be going broke any time soon.

While there are other multibillionaires out there with lower public profiles, you could argue that the two most famously rich men in the world right now are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

One owns Tesla and X (formerly Twitter), the other founded Amazon, and both are sitting pretty on top of almost impossible-to-imagine mounds of cash.

When numbers get this big, it can take a bit of mental arithmetic to actually even work out how much they really have.

Antonio Masiello / Contributor / Getty

Given that Musk is currently worth $183 billion, and Bezos is sitting at somewhere around $177 billion (according to the Forbes real-time billionaires list), one way to think about this is how long they'd last if they spent a huge amount each and every day.

The crazy part is that even if they spent a million dollars every day, without fail, taking no breaks, they'd be able to do so for around half a millennium each - Bezos could go for a staggering 484.9 years, while Musk would obviously last a decent chunk longer going by their current relative wealth totals. He'd manage a whopping 501.3 years.

And the reality is that these two probably have much of their money tied up in investments with solid returns, so it's perfectly possible that their cash would actually last a lot longer than this, since it's generating more money all the time.

Regardless, this means they could each buy a supercar every day, fly around the world eating the finest delicacies, buy a new bit of couture, or purchase the house of many people's dreams on a daily basis.

Cooper Neill / Contributor / Getty

Some of these things, of course, they probably already do whenever they feel like it, but it's still a little crazy to have it underlined like this.

It also makes it a little interesting to consider that neither man seems able to fully embrace a life of leisure - they're both tied up in a whole bunch of businesses.

Musk in particular seems consumed by his work at Tesla and X, based on his X account and the number of posts he makes, and Bezos is hardly idle.

They both have prominent projects on the go around the future of humanity in outer space, too - SpaceX in Musk's case and Blue Origin in Bezos'.

Perhaps there's something about having a million bucks to spend every day for around 500 years that makes you take the longer view and yearn for the deeper meaning of progress into the stars - we wouldn't know!

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