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Blu-Ray or DVD of legendary Noughties movie is now worth a lot of money if you have it

Blu-Ray or DVD of legendary Noughties movie is now worth a lot of money if you have it

The Cillian Murphy-starring film could nab you a chunk of change if you have a copy on your shelf.

The age of streaming has brought with it occasional problem if you can't find a movie you're desperate to watch - no matter what platform you hunt on.

Case in point: the 2002 zombie film 28 Days Later.

Recently, people have taken to social media to flag that not only is it unavailable to watch on any streaming service, but you can't even buy or rent it digitally, either.

This means that unless you have a physical DVD, there's no legal way to watch it, which has caused a pretty wild spike in prices for the copies that are out there.

As it's an older movie, it's not like new DVDs of 28 Days Later are being made anymore - so now there's now a problem of supply failing to match demand.

TikTok creator @unkn0wns0ldier11 has highlighted exactly what this means in a recent viral video.

Scrolling through a list of eBay sales - not live listings, but transactions that have already taken place in recent weeks, he showed off a pretty crazy list of prices for the movie.

These are US sales, and they've gone as high as a staggering $110 for a still-sealed new Blu-ray, which is as pristine as they come, but there are plenty of other expensive sales.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor / Getty

It looks like $60-90 has become pretty typical for a disc in good condition, which is a pretty wild price, so it might be worth checking your shelves.

If you have a copy and you don't fancy keeping hold of what has suddenly become a rather rare film, then you might want to chuck it up on eBay and see what you fetch.

This all stands as a pretty neat indictment of our reliance on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. They might well be cheaper month-to-month than buying a lot of physical media - but what if you suddenly can't find your favorite movie?

28 Days Later isn't even a minor film, after all! It's a well-loved cult classic that should be more popular than ever this year, given it stars Cillian Murphy, who is currently scooping up awards for his performance in Oppenheimer.

He's the odds-on favorite to win an Oscar in a couple of weeks' time, so it'll be interesting to see if his back catalogue of movies, including 28 Days Later, becomes easier to access if he does indeed come out on top.

Featured Image Credit: Jill Ferry/Armastas/Getty