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Simulation predicts what your daily routine will look like in the year 2050

Simulation predicts what your daily routine will look like in the year 2050

Our mundane daily routines look a lot more effortless.

With the fast-evolving technological world we live in today, the world could look a lot different in the future - say 30 years from now.

A YouTube video from BRIGHT SIDE gives some insight into what our daily routines could look like in the year 2050.

First, you would kick your off day from your smart bed which, by the way, 'collected information about your sleep patterns.'

The report of which can be sent right to your smartphone, according to the video's simulation. If your sleep wasn't so successful, you can easily adjust the position of your mattress or the temperature of your sheets and pillow for the following night.

Without even leaving your bed, there is a built-in projector where you can watch the news - which includes advertisements for space trips where you can 'spend a weekend on the moon.'

You routine will be fully integrated by tech and AI / Klaus Vedfelt/Getty
You routine will be fully integrated by tech and AI / Klaus Vedfelt/Getty

The simulation showed that people have already been to Mars and 'astronauts are exploring the planet to find places for future tourism.'

Meanwhile, 'special mood-boosting lighting' in all of your rooms will make you feel more than ready to take on your day. For extra moral support, there's also an integrated AI voice in your complex where your home can wish you a pleasant day.

'They have learned to think like humans. They know how to keep a conversation going and they even have their own personalities,' the video explained.

Looking at your wardrobe, you'll have a selection of exoskeletons at your disposal.

If you are getting ready for a day of physical exercise, you can choose from a range of exoskeletons that will enhance your abilities.

For example, some torsos help you lift heavier weights whilst some Forrest Gump lovers can choose jeans and leggings that can make walking and running last for hours on end.

Oh, and all your clothes are self-cleaning since 'scientists invented a special fabric that cleans itself using nanostructures that effectively dissolve dirt and grease.'

AR glasses would replace our smartphones / d3sign/Getty
AR glasses would replace our smartphones / d3sign/Getty

Before leaving your apartment, the simulation predicts that you'll put on your AR glasses. This tech replaces smartphones as you'll be able to view your messages, weather and directions to your destination.

Say goodbye to home cooking. Robots now handle everything in your kitchen, from ordering food to preparing meals and even doing the washing up. If you feel like ordering in, you'll receive your food package from a delivery drone at your window, which saves you going to the front door especially if you live in a multi-storey building.

Your bathroom is also one gigantic health app, giving you updates on your physical condition and suggested improvements to your diet, lifestyle, etc.

Now you've left your apartment, you can either choose between self-driving vehicles in the form of a 'compact capsule.' Or if you prefer to drive, you can as the simulation predicts all personal cars to be 'equipped with the option of augmented reality' that spreads across the windshield.

Alternatively, you can use 'hyperloop' which is a high-speed transportation system that can travel at aircraft speeds.

Skyscrapers function as cities whereby everything you need is in one vertical structure, including gyms, supermarkets and even parks.

Our mundane daily routines could be just thirty years away from becoming an expansive sci-fi movie.

Featured Image Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/d3sign/Getty