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Google Maps appears to show moment motorcyclist is hit by Street View car in bizarre images

Google Maps appears to show moment motorcyclist is hit by Street View car in bizarre images

Looks like the moment was caught frame-by-frame.

Google Maps isn't just for finding new destinations and exploring the world from your couch. It's a place filled with unexpected Easter eggs, bizarre occurrences and sometimes questionable behaviour.

Though this one takes a more serious turn.

A series of images shared on Reddit depicts what seems to be a hit-and-run accident involving a Google Maps Street View car.

The incident was captured frame-by-frame on Google Maps but has since been taken down from the platform.

In the midst of the event, a motorcyclist can be seen attempting a U-turn on a deserted road when a car struck him.

Google Maps
Google Maps

As the photos go by, he is seen then seen mid-crash, losing his helmet on impact.

A commentator on the social thread revealed the location to be in Senegal, Africa back in 2021.

Some viewers believe it to be the direct fault of the motorcyclist.

'Hmm. Hit and run or insurance scam?' one Redditor questioned on the post with over 9k upvotes.

'I've read the OP comment and, even from the video, you can see there is no other vehicles coming from either direction, yet the motorcyclist pulled out in front of the Google car at the perfect time to be struck by it.'

Another viewer chimed in: 'No way was that not intentional by the motorcycle rider. There is no logical reason to do what he did when he did it.'

Mika Baumeister/Unsplash
Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

Whilst others say there is a lack of proof to justify such an intention, writing: 'Where's the proof it's a hit and run and not just an accident? These images are captured as still photos, not videos. The driver very well could have stopped, checked in the motorcyclist, called for help, etc. before continuing down the road.'

And another claimed: 'People have bad road awareness so it likely isn't an insurance scam like some people are saying'.

Others mentioned the lack of review from Google's side: 'My guess is the driver never reported this and there's no human actually looking at all of the pictures they take for Street View.'

This is not the only time Google Maps has caught strange things on its map platform such as Pigeon people in Tokyo and a mannequin party in Ontario. Take a look for yourself!

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps