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Biohacker spending millions to reverse his age looks unrecognisable 10 months after starting process

Biohacker spending millions to reverse his age looks unrecognisable 10 months after starting process

Some people find his new look 'uncanny'.

In a world where age is everything, one man’s quest to seek eternal youth is causing a bit of a stir on the internet - and not for all the right reasons.

Bryan Johnson, an American entrepreneur and self-proclaimed 'biohacker' is turning heads with his project, aptly named 'Project Baby Face'. Not only because of the lengths he’s going to to try and look younger than his actual age, but also for the staggering amount of money and technology involved in doing so.

Bryan Johnson wants to turn back the clock on aging.
Instagram/ @bryanjohnson_

Part of his larger anti-aging initiative called Project Blueprint, Johnson’s - in what some are calling desperate - attempts see him forking out an eye-watering $2 million (£1.59 million) a year.

But despite what people are saying about him online, the results of Johnson’s mission to reverse his biological age, just 10 months in, are pretty remarkable.

The 46-year-old CEO, known for pushing the boundaries of human potential, recently posted a selfie on his X account (formerly Twitter), showcasing the dramatic results of his efforts.

Take a look for yourself:

It seems like Bryan Johnson will do whatever it takes to look younger.

Project Blueprint was announced in 2021 and documents Johnson's commitment to turning back the clock. It involves a rigorous regimen including calorie restriction, a barrage of supplements and a strict sleep schedule.

Beyond the visual transformations he’s gone through already, Johnson's project has seen him wearing a baseball cap that shoots red light into his scalp and even undergoing plasma transfusions, with his son being one of the donors. Every day he reportedly has to down as many as 111 pills, collect his own stool samples and sleep with a tiny jet pack attached to his penis to monitor his nighttime erections. How fun.

But this isn't just about looking younger. Johnson is also trying to change his biological markers and delay death. He is currently ranking number seven on the Rejuvenation Olympics leaderboard - a website co-conceived by Johnson, which shares protocols and results for age rejuvenation. It employs data analysis lab testing and algorithms to essentially reverse the aging process.

While Johnson has managed to keep his image looking fresher, his transformation has sparked mixed reactions. Some have admired his dedication, while others have questioned the extreme lengths he's going to in pursuit of eternal youth.

He uses all kinds of gadgets to track everything going on in his body and slow down aging.

For example, some online commenters have called him "gorgeous" and an "angel", while others find his new look to be "uncanny" and "synthetic".

“Whether it’s working or not, he’s spending his own money researching ways to extend human life, so good for him,” one commenter wrote, while another said: “Looks like a guy in his mid 40s having a mid-life crisis”.

Despite skepticism from people on the internet, Johnson doesn’t seem to be slowing down in his efforts to achieve eternal youth. He's even gone as far as to suggest that death might not be inevitable.

Although these comments have been met with doubt from experts, like Dr Pinchas Cohen, dean of the Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, who cautions that while extending human life expectancy is possible, the idea of cheating death entirely remains a far-fetched fantasy. In reaction to Johnson’s looks, Cohen told Time Magazine that “death is not optional; it’s written into our genes”.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Instagram / bryanjohnson_