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YouTuber bought every advert he saw for 24 hours and spent a ridiculous amount of money

YouTuber bought every advert he saw for 24 hours and spent a ridiculous amount of money

You won't believe how much money he blew on this stunt.

In a world where we're bombarded with ads everywhere we look, one YouTuber took on a challenge that most would balk at: buying every single advert they encountered for 24 hours.

Undertaken by WillNE - a popular British YouTuber known for his satirical videos that explore internet culture - the challenge resulted in a whirlwind of spending.

How much exactly? An astonishing total of £36,029 ($45,374).

The quite frankly ridiculous challenge led WillNE (real name William Jonathan Lenney) through the streets of London with a GoPro strapped to his chest, on a mission to purchase everything advertised to him.

Inspired by fellow YouTuber Drew Gooden, the spending spree kicked off somewhat innocently with the purchasing of ice lollies and a Coke Zero, quickly escalating to a KFC meal and Domino's pizza.

It wasn't just fast food on the menu, though. WillNE's haul eventually included a huge variety of products - from makeup to events - showcasing the eclectic nature of advertisements we encounter on the daily.

Among the YouTuber’s purchases were Max Factor Divine Lashes for £8.99 ($11.32), a toolbox for £24.98 ($31.46), and a £45 ($56.67) afternoon tea experience on a London bus, which he said was less than ideal.

But the spending didn't stop at snacks and beauty products. WillNE found himself shelling out £590 ($740) for an Alexander McQueen T-shirt and £800 ($1,000) for tickets to the Euros.

Later came even more extravagant splurges, including a pretty random £839 ($1,056) igloo with LED lights.

One of the more unique items was the Air Physio, a lung-cleaning device that, somewhat strangely, claims to enhance lung capacity, which set him back £60 ($76).

YouTuber WillNE bought every ad he saw in one day - losing a whole lot of money along the way.
WillNE / YouTube

But the spending extravaganza wasn't just frivolous. There were some moments of generosity, like gifting a PS5 to a friend and providing a cash prize to the winning delivery driver.

The adventure ended in the purchase of a Tesla car, pushing the total spend to its astronomical height.

His journey through the world of ads was nothing short of a wild ride, leaving viewers amused, amazed and mostly perplexed.

While entertaining, the experiment offers us a glimpse into the sheer volume of ads we're exposed to daily and the temptation they present.

And it's not the only wacky thing WillNE has done - he's also been bold enough to put his bank details on billboards across the UK to find out which city is the most honest.

Each billboard was linked to a separate bank account pre-loaded with £1,000 ($1,260). The goal? To find out which city would first dip into the funds, effectively challenging the integrity of the people who live there.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: WillNE / YouTube