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Humanoid robot has super creepy reaction to its nose being touched

Humanoid robot has super creepy reaction to its nose being touched

This is about as human a reaction as we've ever seen from a robot.

Everyone seems to be building a robot nowadays, from the more utilitarian workers created by Boston Dynamics to projects from huge names like Elon Musk.

While some of these robots are faceless and intended to complete simple tasks like moving inventory around, there are also startups and research teams working hard on more human-like robots.

And just how human-like some of these robots are getting is pretty creepy - demonstrated by a short clip doing the rounds on Reddit, which shows humanoid robot, Ameca, reacting to someone trying to touch its nose.

Ameca clearly has a very sophisticated design, because its face is able to morph and move into a range of emotional expressions, at the same time as its shoulders and neck move, too.

First, someone points their finger and has Ameca follow it, much like you would to check if someone has concussion symptoms.

Then the person pushes their finger further towards the robot's face and its nose, which causes an amazing reaction as the Ameca pulls itself back from the finger - even making a disgruntled face while it does so.

Then, when the human hand tries again, Ameca changes its approach, letting its nose be touched before reaching up to gently move that human hand away.

It's an amazingly lifelike series of reactions, and the clip has impressed a whole bunch of people - but many were expecting a slightly different ending.

The top comment read: "The pull back was very realistic but when the bot went to grab the nose touched hand, I expected violence."

NurPhoto / Getty
NurPhoto / Getty

They went on to reference the Terminator movies, which are often mentioned when we talk about humanoid robots.

This isn't exactly the sunniest of comparisons, given that the movies hinge on robots overthrowing humanity and literally walking on its skeletons - something we're getting increasingly nervous about, given so many AI experts have warned that the technology could lead to the downfall of human civilization.

Still, that doesn't mean that people can't enjoy this sort of funny human-robot interaction, as other comments riff on the same idea, like one that said: "Thought it was about to snap that finger off".

Another famous robot movie, iRobot, also came up a lot, with one user joking: "Will Smith is sweating right now".

With these robot demonstrations, though, it can sometimes be hard to know what's genuinely unplanned behavior and what has been programmed - but if this was planned, it was executed expertly.

Featured Image Credit: u/Green____cat/Reddit