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This is what AI thinks the 'average couple' looks like from every country - and you probably won't agree

This is what AI thinks the 'average couple' looks like from every country - and you probably won't agree

AI has come up with the 'average couple' from different countries like Britain, the US and Canada, and it's seriously dividing opinion.

Every time AI attempts to create the 'average' type of person from somewhere, you know things are going to kick off.

This time round, AI has tried its hand at what 'average couples from around the world' supposedly look like.

Before we dive into just how wrong AI got some of these couples, take a look at what the technology - powered by Midjourney's cutting edge generative AI - has come up with...

The images went viral on Reddit, and they really range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

First, let's take a look at the couples which seemed to have AI totally confused about what era we actually live in.

AI seems to think Brits are stuck in the 1940s.
Reddit / u/_kevx_91 / Midjourney

One person wrote on Reddit: "Those outfits are very 1940s. Also if we’re talking averages, making them red headed is wrong as less than 10% of the population have red hair."

Another said they had an "issue with the 40s patriotic theme".

While a third didn't mince their words at all: "The British one looks a little OTT. Not necessarily the people but the clothing and background are just stupid."

Hardly what modern Chinese couples where on the daily.
Reddit / u/_kevx_91 / Midjourney

Judging by what it came up with, the AI hasn't ever come across a Chinese person living in the 21st century.

One Redditor comment said the couple looked "straight out of the 1500s" and added: "The style of clothing the Chinese dude is wearing hasn’t been daily worn in centuries lol."

Someone else explained that the AI had dressed the Chinese couple in traditional 'Hanfu' clothing.

"It was the original clothing of the Han Chinese people, but they were not allowed to wear it [for several hundred years] so it somewhat died out," they said.

"It’s been revived though."

It might be currently seeing a revival, but it's not exactly a common sight when you walk down the street in China.

The Canadian couple look like a cute pair.
Reddit / u/_kevx_91 / Midjourney

However, the AI wasn't always off base - some couples were met with a much more positive response.

Take Canada - they're certainly a good-looking couple.

One person said: "If this was what the average Canadian man looked like, I’d be moving to Canada right now."

Another added: "Yeah. The Canadian man caught my eye too," while one Redditor agreed they looked "fun".

Of course the Italians were good looking.
Reddit / u/_kevx_91 / Midjourney

Giving them a run for their money in the looks department was the Italian couple - and no one was surprised that they came out all gorgeous.

The American couple aren't a stereotype, but they do look a bit haunted we have to say.
Reddit / u/_kevx_91 / Midjourney

The experiment also showed how quickly AI is learning. In past projects, Americans have tended to come out as obese stereotypes - but not here, and Redditors certainly welcomed the change.

"Hey the Americans aren't fat this time," one person said.

While it's fun to ask AI to imagine certain types of people or scenarios, there are some darker elements to it - particularly if your livelihood is at stake.

This week a Spanish agency went viral for creating an AI model that rakes in $11,000 a month, and OnlyFans stars are also worrying about the safety of their jobs with the rise of AI.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / u/_kevx_91 / Midjourney