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OnlyFans stars could be out of work as fake AI models take over

OnlyFans stars could be out of work as fake AI models take over

OnlyFans stars are beginning to worry about the security of their jobs.

It's believed that AI models could be taking over the adult content platform, OnlyFans.

OnlyFans stars are fearing for their jobs after realising AI models are being used to fool subscribers into paying for photos of non-existent people.

The stars are beginning to worry their jobs might be usurped by artificial intelligence models, potentially knocking celebs who are raking in big bucks on the platform off their pedestal.

And it's no wonder they're worried. Stars like Blac Chyna are earning up to $20 million per month - an obscene amount of money by anyone's standard.

According to the top ten OnlyFans earners of 2022, actress, singer and adult star Bella Thorne came in second place, drawing in a whopping $11 million (£9.7 million) per month on the platform.

It's not just celebs who are scared of losing their jobs though - thousands of people across the world have swapped their 9-5 roles for a career on OnlyFans.

The adult platform has recently seen a rise in AI models being used on the app.
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Now, people are taking to the internet to share concerning AI photos that have been shared on the adult platform. All of which are scarily realistic.

In the first snap, four nearly-identical blonde women are stood arm in arm as they gaze at the camera wearing black lingerie.

A second image, created by artist The Realist, shows the hyper-realistic models in pink lingerie striking a similar pose, with social media suggesting they were both created using AI-software.

Members of the public have taken to Twitter (X) to share the photos with their own views with user @heartereum writing: "Apparently this picture and others are going viral on socials because women are SEETHING and debating whether these girls are AI generated."

They swiftly followed up the message with OnlyFans-style images they'd created using an app called Uberrealistic. This AI generator uses it's advanced technology to read information and create realistic-looking images of people, places and objects.

It's terrifying to think that someone you could be speaking to online could be completely made up.

People are shocked by the scarily-accurate AI content being used on the app.

Even with a trained eye, it's incredibly difficult to tell the images apart from genuine ones found on the adult app.

The Twitter user added: "I am totally starting a fake AI generated OnlyFans for gullible idiots if I fail this trading thing...

"The point is they are already good enough to pass as real for 80% of npc paypigs."

However, some people are unfazed, even taking an interest in the AI women that they've seen.

One wrote: "Can you create a red hair Asian girl with green eyes? For research purposes obv," wrote one, while another said: "I need all their @'s asap."

It's hard to believe that people could be looking towards fake, computer-generated adult content for satisfaction over the real thing.

What do you think? Could AI have finally gone too far with this one?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@heartereum/SOPA Images / Contributor