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Sony thought to have confirmed PS5 Pro specs after taking down leaker’s video

Sony thought to have confirmed PS5 Pro specs after taking down leaker’s video

Sony's PS5 Pro is rumored to come out later this year.

Sony has been battening down the hatches for a few months now as it's been hit by waves of leaks about the possibility of a PlayStation 5 Pro console coming out.

This was always something that most industry observers expected to happen, given that the PS4 was followed by the PS4 Pro.

What wasn't clear was when the console might be announced or released - and recent leaks claim to circulate internal documentation about the console's specifications.

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

Now, one of the first detailed discussions of those documents has been taken down from YouTube by Sony, which some commentators have found slightly suspicious.

The video was on a channel called Moore’s Law Is Dead, but now cannot be viewed, and instead brings up the error message: 'This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony Interactive Entertainment' - although it was a few weeks before it was taken down.

If anything, the whole saga made people pay closer attention to the potential leaks. Although they haven't been verified, the potential information is pretty interesting - indicating the Pro will have a new graphics processing unit that will be capable of 33.5 teraflops of power, pretty much triple the current PS5's output capability.

This could unlock impressive new graphical heights in games, but it might also mean simply more reliably high resolutions and frame rates, instead of totally new frontiers.

After all, based on how the PS4 generation unfolded, it's incredibly unlikely that we'll ever see games that are exclusive to the PS5 Pro. Instead, developers will simply be able to build different graphical settings for the PS5 and PS5 Pro, with the latter enjoying higher fidelity.

NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty
NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty

So, if you're already the owner of a PS5 this could be a compelling upgrade, and if you're yet to jump aboard this console generation it might be a great opportunity.

Equally, however, all the leaks so far have been blank when it comes to pricing, a massive variable for this sort of device. The PS5 Pro will almost certainly cost well over $500 and might well come in at more than $600, which might be daunting to some.

Given that it's expected to come out this winter, we'll most likely find out more about the PS5 Pro from Sony itself at some point during the summer. This is, after all, the traditional part of the year for major gaming announcements and reveals. So, strap in for an interesting few months of PlayStation news.

Featured Image Credit: NurPhoto / Contributor / Getty