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New GTA 6 leaks reveal something big could be coming in May

New GTA 6 leaks reveal something big could be coming in May

Rockstar Games could be preparing to drop fresh info on GTA 6.

If you thought the arrival of a full trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 would stop the endless speculation about the game, you're way off.

A new report suggests that we could learn more about the game in just a couple of months, and it's set people speculating in a big way.

The information comes from a popular account on X (formerly Twitter) called GTA 6 Countdown, and claims that there's a big announcement planned for May 2024. This would come just before Take-Two's final earnings call of the financial year.

Take-Two publishes the GTA series, so the connection on that front is obvious, and in previous years there have indeed been stealthy mentions of advertising spending and marketing resources that have given people info on its gaming releases.

That's not all the account had to say, though - it went on to claim that "the May announcement doesn’t necessarily have to be trailer 2 but could be new screenshots, pre-orders or a release date similar to what Rockstar did with RDR2 when they announced the release date to be in Spring 2018 just a day before T2’s final quarter earnings call."

This does indeed line up with how Take-Two has handled things in the past - with games like Red Dead Redemption 2 - although that's no guarantee it'll do the same again, and there's an inescapable vagueness to the predictions, too.

Plus, with quite a long time to go until we hit 2025, the year when GTA 6 will come out, May might be a little early to spill more details.

After all, plenty of reports have indicated that the game's developer Rockstar hasn't actually finalized when in 2025 the game will drop - it's apparently leaving this open-ended until the last possible moment, to give its development teams the most leeway to figure out when it will actually be ready.

This makes sense, too: GTA 5 was one of the biggest releases in the history of any entertainment format, and Rockstar has a huge chance to capitalize on that with the next instalment, so it'll be keen to launch in as stable and polished a state as possible.

We've seen many games in the last couple of years arrive a little too early and be embarrassed by glitches and instability, so there's no doubt that GTA 6 won't come out until it's perfectly ready.

Featured Image Credit: CHRIS DELMAS / Contributor /Rockstar Games