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10 old tech gadgets you may own that could now be worth a lot of money

10 old tech gadgets you may own that could now be worth a lot of money

You could be sitting on a fortune.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Many of us have items stashed away in our homes that we haven't touched in years or even decades. But what if I told you that some of these dust-gathering devices could be worth thousands?

Here are ten retro tech devices that could be worth a lot of money today.

The Original iPhone (2007)

Apple fans might remember the summer to remember in 2007, when the very first iPhone was released, selling for about half the cost of iPhones today.

The first-ever iPhone can now fetch over $1,000 on eBay, depending on its condition.

Nintendo 64 (1996)

Named after its 64-bit central processing unit, Nintendo 64 was loved by Gen Xers and millennials - and now retro gamers.

Bidding prices start around $100 on eBay and potentially more for limited-edition colours - which is anything outside black or grey.

And don't forget about the game cartridges like Donkey Kong Country either as some could be worth thousands.

Sony Walkman's can sell for over $1,300 if in good condition / Peter Stark/Getty
Sony Walkman's can sell for over $1,300 if in good condition / Peter Stark/Getty

Sony Walkman (1979)

Before the days of iPods and MP3 players, the Walkman revolutionised portable music. 80s shows like Netflix's Stranger Things have brought these back into fashion.

Originally retailed at $150, these vintage devices can sell for over $1,300 on Etsy if in good condition.

iPod Classic 1st Generation (2001)

The original Apple iPod was phased out in 2014 when the revolution of touchscreen was introduced.

However, the portable device that revolutionised digital music can bring in several thousand dollars if factory-sealed. However, used ones can still go for a couple of hundred dollars.

Tamagotchi (1996)

Similar to Nintendogs, the virtual Tamagotchi pets needed to be fed, cleaned, and played with to be happy, which only caused more trouble if you ignored their needs.

An original 1996 Tamagotchi, can get you around $200 for a standard one or even thousands for rare versions on eBay.

Super Nintendo (SNES) (1990)

The Super Nintendo was Nintendo’s second programmable home console and sold around 49.1 million units worldwide.

ColecoVision can sell for around $800 /Peter Dazeley/Getty
ColecoVision can sell for around $800 /Peter Dazeley/Getty

With its advanced graphics and famous games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, the SNES can be worth an average of $150 today - more so if sold with its original cartridges and controllers.

Nintendo Game Boy (1989)

Standing as one of the most recognised devices from the 90s, the starting price for the Game Boy is around $75, whilst new ones can go for thousands.

ColecoVision (1982)

This home-gaming system from Coleco Industries made a huge splash in gaming offering players superior arcade-quality graphics.

Coleco unfortunately withdrew from the gaming market soon after its release, however, the console now sells for around $800 for eager retro collectors, possibly more if sold with original game cartridges.

Original 128k Macintosh (1984)

Originally retailed for $2.495, the first Apple Macintosh computer featured a black and white displayer and floppy disc slot (remember those?!).

These are now worth a small fortune due to the eager hands of Apple Mac fans all-round. Selling these at auctions could potentially bring in $2,000 or over, depending on their condition.

Atari VCS (1982)

Originally known as the Atari 2600, this console can start bidding at around $75 to $100 on eBay.

Selling the console with games like Air Raid, Red Sea Crossing, or Birthday Mania would grab you extra cash too.

Featured Image Credit: Peter Stark/Peter Dazeley/Getty