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Man flies 7000 miles to collect his stolen AirPods and confront their new owner

Man flies 7000 miles to collect his stolen AirPods and confront their new owner

He went to great lengths to retrieve his AirPods.

If you lose something expensive like your phone or laptop, you'll probably do anything to get it back.

You might get it delivered or go to the place it was last seen - or just give up and buy a new one.

But, one man didn't want to part ways with his lost Apple gadget so he flew 7,000 miles to retrieve his AirPods.

YouTuber Ben Morris is known for creating videos on travelling to places that, let's just say, aren't on anyone's bucket list.

he's documented his travels to a 'Failed $100 Billion Dollar Ghost City' as well as the 'Most Hated City in Europe.'

Omid Armin/Unsplash
Omid Armin/Unsplash

While vacationing in beautiful Bali, Indonesia, Morris admitted to losing his 'beloved AirPods Pro.'

He said: 'It wasn't until I got home that I realised I could track my AirPods on Find My iPhone.'

He described seeing the AirPods on his track in Bali 'literally nowhere near where I stayed' and showed the Apple gadget in the middle of the jungle in his app - quite a length to go to!

Morris noticed the thief on the move and explained how the AirPods 'only update every few minutes,' making them harder to track.

The following morning he woke up to see the Airpods were in the same place as the day before. But whilst he was in the shower, they were back on the move.

He showed two locations, one from where they had been 35 minutes earlier and another where they were now.

Ben Morris/YouTube
Ben Morris/YouTube

Eventually, his iPhone connected to the AirPods with a 'very low signal' but after lots of wandering, he came across a man sitting with AirPods in.

'I don't know if they're mine,' Morris said.

To test his theory, he played a sound through the earphones and saw the man react. Bingo!

Since the man didn’t speak English, the YouTuber used Google Translate to ask for his AirPods back in exchange for money.

'I lost them a long time ago in Balie and fly all the way here to find them,' the translator app said.

Morris gave the man some cash for handing them over and being so understanding.

Would you travel halfway across the world for your gadgets?

Featured Image Credit: Ben Morris/YouTube