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iPhone owners left stunned after user reveals someone paid to see phone destroyed

iPhone owners left stunned after user reveals someone paid to see phone destroyed

The Apple user showed the bank transfer of $293.26.

People have a unique fascination with watching things get crushed. I mean, there's a whole community of people obsessed with watching a hydraulic press destroy anything from bowling balls and skittles.

But paying to see a broken phone feels a bit extreme.

Instead of using an online marketplace to buy and sell products, a stranger used it to message someone, offering to pay them a couple of hundred dollars to break their phone.

The caption on the Reddit post read: 'A couple years ago, some guy on marketplace paid me over $350 total to send him videos of me destroying an iphone'.


The stranger first asked the Reddit poster, Desperate-Reality-72, how old their iPhone was before requesting that they essentially break their phone.

'If I paid you 75 would you crush it?' asked the user.

When asked why, they responded: 'Cuz it’s satisfying and I wanna bless you and let you take some anger out.'

Now, I'm not sure why someone would destroy a device that has everything we basically need on it.

But, I guess everyone has their price.

The Redditor showed screenshots of the messages they sent to the buyer along with images of a very damaged Apple device looking slightly bent with an obliterated screen.

Additionally, the iPhone user captured a shot of the back of the phone which is also completely destroyed with a red circle drawn around the following: 'Potential for fire or burning. Do not disassemble, puncture, crush, heat, or burn,' which hopefully didn't encourage the user further.


The stranger also weirdly asked the Apple owner whether they had glue adding to the oddity of the situation.

Screenshots showed the bank transfer from the unique requester, completing a total of $293.26.

One Reddit user commented: 'New business opportunity. Web site where people can tip you to destroy electronics in whatever ways they desire.'

'Hydraulic press chanel exists to crush stuff and people love it. I am not surprised at all by this,' another wrote.

One user clearly wanting to earn some extra cash wondered: 'Whats his username. Asking for friend'.

Other users were shocked at the Apple owner's willingness to perform such an act, writing: 'No way would I do this, I’d rather sell the phone if working or recycle it!!! This is such a waste!'

Despite the mixed comments, the Reddit post has surprised some with what some people are willing to do for a bit of extra cash, garnering a total of 27k upvotes with over 1,000 comments.

Featured Image Credit: Dinonuggetenjoyer/Reddit