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iPhone users say new iOS 18 feature is going to give them ‘trust issues’ as Apple introduces controversial change to iMessage

iPhone users say new iOS 18 feature is going to give them ‘trust issues’ as Apple introduces controversial change to iMessage

The feature isn't liked by everyone.

iOS 18 is certainly bringing some huge changes to the way we use iPhones.

Some are more subtle than others, like a clock display in Power Reserve Mode or a new way to turn off your phone.

There's also the incorporation of AI and of course, Siri's upgrade to handle more requests.

But it doesn't stop there, iMessage is also getting some extra features. One of which is causing 'trust issues' among some iPhone users.

A TikTok by Apple expert Tyler Morgan, hitomidocameraroll, showcased the iOS 18 beta that's currently available to Apple developers but not yet to the wider public.

Anadolu / Contributor / Getty
Anadolu / Contributor / Getty

He demonstrated how you can schedule messages to be sent for a later time. For example, if you’re likely to forget to send a birthday message tomorrow, you can type the message and set it to send at a specific time and date in the iMessage app.

But not everybody is a fan.

'The message thing is going to give me trust tissues like how do i know u actually just texted me and it's not just automated,' one TikToker user responded to the clip.

Others felt the iPhone was becoming too similar to Android phones, saying, 'It's like an android now' and 'Soo iOS 18 is basically android'.

In fairness, Android phones introduced the scheduling messaging feature a long time ago. As one user put it: 'I was scheduling messages to send for work like 5 years ago with my Samsung'.

However, not everyone sees this feature negatively.

Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash
Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

'Am I the only one who actually likes this update', replied one person.

Perhaps not so controversial, but Apple is launching other new additions within the iMessage app, one of which is the extensive formatting options.

For example, users can italicise, underline or strike through any text.

On top of that, certain words like 'major' and 'blown away' can trigger relevant actions called Text Effects, as shown in the demo event.

Of course, with rumours circling about the release of Genomoji, a bigger hit than Memoji, users can't help but wonder why it hasn’t appeared in any beta versions yet.

Powered by AI, Genmoji can express your emotions. Users can simply type in a quick description and Apple will generate 'thousands of emoji to choose from.'

Featured Image Credit: Anadolu / Contributor / Getty / hitomidocameraroll / TikTok