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Highly anticipated emoji update will completely change the way iPhone users message each other

Highly anticipated emoji update will completely change the way iPhone users message each other

There'll soon be an emoji for every emotion and concept.

Among its wealth of AI features it aims to launch, Apple's new Intelligence feature in iOS 18 merges with Messages to make Genmoji.

Apple first introduced Memoji back in 2018 where users could create custom avatars to send to their friends and family.

While Memoji is still part of Genmoji, the new tool promises to be more powerful and versatile.

The AI technology can create new emojis from simple text prompts.

If you can't find the right way to express your emotions, you can type a quick description and Apple will generate 'thousands of emoji to choose from.'

According to the tech giant, Genmoji will help in 'times when you can't quite find the right one for how you feel.'


Apple demonstrated a 'smiley face with cucumbers over its eyes' to represent a spa day and a squirrel DJ for a convo about a noisy squirrel.

So, there really is an emoji for everything.

When Genmoji is released, you can expect these custom emojis to flood texts and social media trends on TikTok and Instagram.

However, since the new feature can be created directly from the keyboard in iPhone Messages with no Unicode attached, it's unknown whether the feature will extend to other apps.

You can create a Genmoji with photos of yourself.

But be aware that others can make Genmoji photos from you - bad news if your friends have some unflattering post-night-out images of you stored on their phones.

Additionally, 'Image Playground' is set to roll out that lets you create images within different apps.

They seem quite cartoon-y but this could be Apple's shift from the trending realistic AI-generated images that are becoming more difficult to get away from.


The billion-dollar company originally hyped up Memoji by changing the executive suite photos on Apple's official website to Memoji avatars in 2018. Unfortunately, it didn't catch on as expected as they didn't closely resemble the people they represented.

However, that's now to change with the upgraded Genmoji and it may kickstart a new trend in Apple communication.

Moreover, the new customisable tool might inspire other platforms to allow similar capabilities. For example, we might soon see users move away from stock emojis and start making icons that better represent how we feel.

Saying that, Google provides a similar feature called Emoji Kitchen whereby users can combine emojis to create unique (and sometimes creepy-looking) hybrids.

Featured Image Credit: Apple/YouTube