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Man shares simple trick which will make your iPhone '10 times faster'

Man shares simple trick which will make your iPhone '10 times faster'

If your iPhone is always slowing down, you might want to try this hack.

In a world of super-fast phones that sometimes seem to randomly slow down after you've had them for a while, any tip that could speed them back up is worth investigating.

That's just what a TikTok creator who goes by @letsdodiz has promised with a quick video walking through some settings you can change to apparently make your iPhone "10 times faster".

As lofty claims go, that's a big one, but let's get to what he actually said to do first - it's mostly about background data usage.

He first walked watchers through how to go into their iPhone's backup settings, turning cloud backups off for apps they don't need it for.

Next, he talked about the Cellular section in Settings (this is called Mobile Service in some territories like the UK).

This lets you control what apps on your iPhone are able to access cellular services, whether that's 4G or 5G, and he advised that people can turn this off app-by-app for those that don't require it.

Finally, he went to the settings for the Photos app and into the Cellular Data (or Mobile Data) feature to turn it off for the app.

This would mean that your photos only upload to the cloud over Wi-Fi, instead of taking up cellular bandwidth while you use your phone if you're not at home.

Now, this video doesn't exactly go into detail on how exactly you can expect a tenfold boost in speed from your iPhone with a few tweaks to which apps use mobile data.


However, if you're out and about on a 5G connection, it is true that you could potentially be throttled while browsing the web or scrolling your For You page on TikTok, if you have loads of background downloads running.

So, technically there are cases where this could indeed speed up your internet connection a little, although there's no way to prove the tenfold figure he's claimed (and we'd probably expect a way more marginal gain, if any, since the iPhone is smart enough to manage downloads and uploads itself).

Some people in the comments under the video aren't totally buying it, with one person replying: "iPhone is already fast so why all the stress."

Another said, "It did nothing", suggesting they didn't notice any change after following the steps, so while this might be one to try in a pinch, it doesn't look like a miracle cure for an iPhone that's slowing down.

That said, others were a bit more convinced, with one comment reading: "Another good tip."

Featured Image Credit: letsdodiz/TikTok