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Tech expert shares ‘awesome’ iPhone feature that completely personalizes iMessages

Tech expert shares ‘awesome’ iPhone feature that completely personalizes iMessages

These simple but effective tips will change the way you use your iPhone.

Apple constantly makes small tweaks and updates to the iPhone experience - iOS seems to get a new version to download and install every few weeks.

Sometimes these updates are more focused on security features behind the scenes, but there are also often new features to experiment with.

If you're not a power user, it can be hard to know about these little options, but thankfully there are creators like YouTuber iDeviceHelp, whose latest video contains some really handy tips.

In particular, it has some great tips around Messages (which used to be called iMessage), the main texting app on iPhone.

The first is a reminder that when you're on your list of messages, you can drag any thread from its place in the inbox up to the top to pin it there - a great way to keep track of the conversations that mean the most to you.

Another tip comes into play if you get a voice message on Messages - you can long-press on that message to see a list of options including one that lets you save the audio as a voice memo.

This is ideal for any details that you want to back up in another location so they're not lost or misplaced.

Plus, if you do that long-press on literally any message you can add a sticker reaction to that message. This lets you add any sticker from your collection (including those you've made yourself) as a little reaction to whatever has been sent to you and is a great way to personalize your tone.

iDeviceHelp / YouTube

Next up, he points out that you can send photos really easily in Messages - rather than tapping on the '+' sign next to the text window and selecting 'Photo' manually, you can just long-press on that '+' - when you let go, your photos will be there waiting to be selected and sent.

Finally, he touches on how you can remove messages not just from your inbox but also from your 'Recently deleted' folder, to rid yourself of spambots.

This involves tapping on the 'Edit' button at the top-left of your inbox, before then selecting 'Show Recently Deleted' to give you the full range of messages you've already binned.

From there, you can select them all and delete them permanently, rather than waiting for them to auto-delete after 30 days.

These are all pretty small potential tweaks to how you use Messages on your iPhone, but they can personalize your texts and save a little time - and who wouldn't want that?

Featured Image Credit: iDeviceHelp / YouTube