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Clever iPhone camera trick shows how people with glasses see the world

Clever iPhone camera trick shows how people with glasses see the world

It’s quite the spectacle.

Have you been blessed with perfect eyes and ever wondered how people with glasses see the world? Well, today is your lucky day.

One Reddit user has shared a video to r/Damnthatsinteresting showing just that, which appears to come from the X account @worldwide_engineering.

The video shows a screen-recording of an iPhone user using their camera while standing on a sidewalk.

They then bring a pair of glasses up and put it over the camera lens, and you can almost instantly see everything become a lot sharper.

Then, when they remove the glasses, the person’s surroundings appear out of focus - representing what glasses-wearers might see when they are barefaced.

You can hardly make out what number plates or road signs say.

People in the comments section were quick to debate what level of prescription the video represents.

One user, whose comment has been upvoted around 144 times, wrote: “Well I’m at .75 and 1.25 and that’s about me.”

Many users who have astigmatism - blurry vision and eyes shaped more like rugby balls than footballs - resonated with the video, with one saying: “As a guy with astigmatism I can say this is the best example of how it is.”

Another noticed the fact that the video does not show the warped feeling experienced by many when taking off glasses.

They wrote: “One thing they don't really mention here is that if you have a high prescription, it can have a slight warping of the world.

“I've had glasses since I was about 7, and, now around 40, I decided to try out contacts. Contacts don't have that warping effect.

“My eyesight is so bad that I can't see anything well without glasses, and when I was wearing them, it was like a mild case of looking through the wrong side of binoculars.

People who wear glasses have weighed in.
Yana Iskayeva/Getty

“My cats looked unnaturally large to me at that moment. Like, medium sized dog huge. It was really weird. Everything looked like it was the wrong size, and I had been lied to my entire adult life!”

A lot of other Reddit users agreed with this, with one user writing: “My brain adapted to the warping to the point that when I take off my glasses everything is warped.

“It's like someone getting used to wearing drunk goggles and learning to function with them on.”

So, glasses wearers - do you think the video is accurate?

Featured Image Credit: PeopleImages / Getty / @worldwide_engineering / X