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Ex-Apple employee shares his favorite app that stops him from ever missing a morning alarm again

Ex-Apple employee shares his favorite app that stops him from ever missing a morning alarm again

This is genius for anyone who constantly sleeps through their alarm.

If you're the kind of person who chronically snoozes their alarm, you'll want to pay attention to this.

A former Apple employee, Tyler Morgan, has posted about his favorite apps on TikTok - and one of them will pretty much make sure you get out of bed in the morning.

It's called Alarmy, and is described on the App Store as waking up 'your body and mind completely'.

In the viral TikTok video - which has clocked up 70.7 thousand likes - Morgan dives into the various 'missions' you can program the app to make you do.

For example, Morgan says: "I hate maths," so he might program the app to ask him to do a math equation to stop the alarm in the morning.

You can make this of varying difficulty, and we can definitely see the logic behind it: once you've done an equation, your brain is going to be so awake you're unlikely to go back to sleep.

Alarmy says: 'You can choose from various alarm sounds, whether they are gentle or loud, set your favorite music as the alarm, or even combine different missions to make sure your body and mind are wide awake.'

And Alarmy isn't just for iPhones - it's also available in the Google Play Store.

Morgan has one million followers on TikTok.
hitomidocameraroll / TikTok

Morgan - who's got one million followers on TikTok - also dives into some of his other favorite apps.

This includes the Google app, which lets you take a picture of something around you, and it will find you similar products. "It has everything," he proclaims of the app, which also lets you translate text and has the Google Assistant.

"I think CapCut is the best mobile editor and possibly desktop editor. In terms of free software, this might be the best one for Instagram, TikTok, shorts," he adds, talking about the AI-powered platform that helps you easily edit videos - it's particularly good at automatically generating captions for speech.

WeatherBug is "the only weather app that's worked for me internationally and in the US", Morgan added.

This isn't the first time Morgan has posted his tech wisdom on TikTok - he's also spilled the beans on some of the lesser-known features of iPhones, including how to access the one-handed keyboard. It would certainly seem like he's quickly becoming the go-to tech guru for Gen Z.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / hitomidocameraroll