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iPhone 17 could feature a massive selfie camera upgrade

iPhone 17 could feature a massive selfie camera upgrade

If the rumors are true, this future iPhone will see a huge jump in camera quality.

The iPhone 16 hasn't even been released to the world yet, but rumors around the 17 have already started swirling.

The latest prediction? It's all about the future iPhone's camera - and Apple fans will no doubt be thrilled by the rumors.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at Hong Kong-owned investment management services company TF International Securities, is known for his tech-related observations - particularly his insightful predictions of what we might see coming up in our favorite gadgets.

The iPhone 15 probably won't be released until 2025.
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He's turned his attention to the future iPhone in a new blog published on Medium, predicting that it will "include a significant upgrade to the iPhone 17’s front camera lens".

Ming-Chi suggested it will be upgraded to a 24 megapixel lens - which is a big jump from the 12MP lens of the latest model, the iPhone 15.

He said Taiwan-based company Genius might be the primary lens provider for the front cameras - which could cost a lot more to buy than the lenses Apple currently use.

Before we even get to the iPhone 17 - slated to drop in 2025 - we've got the 16 coming out, likely later this year.

According to Ming-Chi, the 16 Pro could have a 'periscope lens'. These give you extra zooming capabilities - meaning you can take a photo by zooming in five or even 10 times. He also suggested the 16 Pro series will have an improved ultra-wide camera.

But at the moment, this is all speculation. One thing we do know for sure?

The Apple Vision Pro headset has finally got a release date.
Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty

Next month, Apple's mixed reality headset, Vision Pro, will go on sale for the first time.

First announced last summer, Vision Pro is a wearable computer headset. It mixes apps and software and the real world, and will be controlled by your eyes, hands and voice.

Apple says it will give you a more immersive gaming experience - but it won't come cheap.

The Vision Pro will start at $3,499 (£2,742) - several times the price of the Meta Quest 3, the rival VR headset from Facebook's parent company, which only costs $499 (£390).

At the moment, the Vision Pro will only be available in the US - pre-orders will go live on January 19, with the device launching on February 2.

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