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Woman shares footage of ‘rain’ inside plane cabin that people are saying would send them into a meltdown

Woman shares footage of ‘rain’ inside plane cabin that people are saying would send them into a meltdown

Is there a simple explanation for this one?

There are plenty of things you wouldn't want to happen on a flight.

You don't really want to be sat near a screaming newborn, and you probably wouldn't fancy being sat in front of a kid that keeps on kicking your chair - and don't even get us started on being next to an armrest hogger.

One thing we hadn't thought about - but we definitely wouldn't want to happen on our next flight - is if it started 'raining' inside the cabin.

That's what appeared to happen in a viral TikTok, posted by New York-based real estate agent Savannah Gowarty (@savinnyc).

When taking a four-hour flight back to New York, Gowarty posted a video of herself boarding a plane, with a fine mist flooding the cabin.

She wrote that the pilot said: "It appears to be raining in the cabin", and captioned the video: "Nothing better than being on a 4hr flight back to New York soaking wet and cold."

It certainly looks like an unpleasant situation, with droplets actually collecting on her body - making for a chilly flight back. She even tried drying off her shirt on the armrest, but we're not sure how successful that would have been.

But no, this wasn't rain inside a plane - luckily that's not a real thing.

In fact, it's a totally normal phenomenon - all to do with the air conditioning.

"Yes, this is just condensation (like fog)," said Christopher Hennon, a professor of meteorology at Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University told Fox Business.

"The plane was likely sitting at the gate for a while with no engines running, making the air inside warm and humid. When the engines started and the A/C was initiated, the air near the vents cooled quickly and saturated, causing the ‘smoke’."


Hennon told Fox it was "pretty common" and he had been on several flights where he had seen this happen, adding: "The condensation dissipates fairly quickly as the air inside the cabin becomes progressively drier."

Regardless, commenters under Gowarty's viral video - which has 648.4k likes in five days - would have been unimpressed if that was their plane.

"The way I would lose my mind if I had a fresh silk press!" the top comment read, with 78.2k likes.

"Oooo rainforest cafe experience but on an airplane," a second commenter joked.

"Like a cucumber in the produce aisle," a third quipped.

Featured Image Credit: savinnyc/TikTok