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Man tries every seat on the most expensive airline in the world and is left mind-blown at the perks he receives

Man tries every seat on the most expensive airline in the world and is left mind-blown at the perks he receives

YouTuber Ryan Trahan tried every seat on an Etihad flight, and was blown away by the most expensive option.

Have you ever wondered what it's like in the most expensive seat on one of the fanciest airlines?

While those incredibly pricey tickets are out of reach for most of us, at least we can watch YouTube videos to get a glimpse at what it's like.

And that's what American YouTuber Ryan Trahan has delivered in a new video, which has racked up over 6.4 million views in just a day.

Trahan promised a friend that he would travel to Singapore to deliver a letter and a box of cereal to his brother - who he hadn’t seen for 10 years.

The long-haul distance required Trahan to take two flights there and two flights back, which gave him the opportunity to try a seat in each class of an Etihad flight - Basic, Basic+, Business and Residence - and he was left mind-blown at the perks he received.

Setting off from JFK, Ryan travelled 13 hours in Basic class to Abu Dhabi, the lowest class on an Etihad flight.

The YouTuber commented that his meal was the “best” he had ever had on an airplane, the service was “incredible” and he had a nice chat with the flight attendants on board.

From there, he travelled from Abu Dhabi to Singapore, this time travelling in Basic+ class - the next level up on the world’s most expensive airline.

Whipping out a tape measure, he measured his leg room at 23 inches, commented that the food was “nice” and he was even allowed into the cockpit by the captain.

After making the delivery to Singapore, it was time for Trahan to return home.

This time, he chose Business class, which came with a whole bunch of perks - he was given pillows, slippers, a blanket and a whole set of fancy toiletries and said his seat was the “most comfy” he had ever experienced.

Ryan Trahan / YouTube
Ryan Trahan / YouTube

However, this was taken to a whole other level for his Residence seat - the highest class on an Etihad flight.

Once he touched down in Abu Dhabi, he was escorted from the plane by two security guards to a private lounge within the airport where he was waited on by a man serving him coffee, pastries and fruit ahead of his flight home to JFK.

He then took his seat in Residence class, which pretty much sounds like a New York apartment.

The seat featured a private living room with a TV, a fridge and sofa-like seats, as well as a private bathroom, fit with a shower, a bedroom with a big bed, and a personal flight attendant to wait on your every need.

Ryan enjoyed a steak dinner on the flight, as well as sweets and snacks that could be ordered on demand.

His analysis? “I can’t even describe how nice this has been,” he said - and we can only imagine how tough it is going back to economy class after that.

Featured Image Credit: Ryan Trahan/YouTube